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War Between the States Calendar
Eight years of my own research into what happened on every day of the year during the American Uncivil War.


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The Last American Awakening: The Revivals in the Confederate Armies as Part of the Great Prayer Meeting Revival 1857-1865
Many students of revival have heard of the Great Prayer Meeting Revival which began in New York City in 1857, and led to over a million conversions nationwide.  Have you heard the rest of the story?  Here is an account of the widespread revivals in the Confederate breastworks where a half million men made commitments to Jesus Christ during America's bloodiest war.

Laurens County, South Carolina, During Reconstruction
The story of a typical Southern town during a tumultuous time in American history.  For some, it was the first light of day.  For others, it was thick darkness.  Here is Laurens County, SC, during the period of Reconstruction viewed from political, religious, economic, educational, social, and humorous viewpoints.  Meet Thomas Workman, whose diary is a treasure, and Joseph Crews, slave dealer turned Radical Republican, watch the 1870 Laurens Election Riot and the trial of 1872. Witness the church planting whirlwind among freed blacks.

Early Baptists of England
Do you know the origin of Baptists?  Here are Smith and Helwys in all their new apostolic glory, commiserating with the Puritans and Quakers, joining John Bunyan in prison, healing the sick, casting out demons, baptizing in the Holy Spirit, freely receiving, freely giving.

Race & ethnic relations in America 

Ideas of Black civil rights leaders 

Relationship between race & violent attitudes 

African nationalism 

Religion of Africa 

Revolutions & social movements 

Population study of India

"Civil War" or "War Between the States":  Which is correct?
This short article taken from an old UDC pamphlet shows which terminology is more historically correct.

A Review of W.J. Cash's MIND OF THE SOUTH
Here is an exposition of the tenets of WJ Cash and his classic The Mind of the South.  Was Cash right or wrong in his estimation of the South?

The Birth of Laurens County, South Carolina
From Cherokee hunting land to Upstate county, the origin of Laurens County, SC

The Role of Scotland in the Hundred Years War
Same song, 40-11th verse.  The Scots and the English don't like each other much, and you see how bad it was for about a hundred years. 

History Links
More links to other history pages on the web.

The Flight of Jefferson Davis
A short overview of the President's flight from Union troops in the spring of 1865.

Emancipation Proclamation:  A 1903 Southern View
Copied verbatim from a 1903 South Carolina high school textbook, here are some ideas about the Emancipation Proclamation I didn't learn in my high school.

Laurens County, SC, Towns:  How did they get their names?
Derived from Edna Riddle Foy, the stories of the name origin of several Laurens County towns. 

Cankers of a Calm World: The Sepoy Revolt
The tragedy of India in the revolt and brutal British suppression of the sepoys.


On the South:  Facts Historians Leave Out
Do you know popular history -- or real history about the South?  You might encounter a few new ideas here.

Lee Atwater: Red, hot, blue, and changed! 

Laurens County, SC, Delegates to the 1860 Secession Convention
A brief biographical sketch of the Laurens County signers of the 1860 South Carolina Ordinance of Secession.

History of Christmas
A short article outlining how Christmas began with the addition of "O Come All Ye Faithful" in Latin and "Merry Christmas" in several languages.


Secession of South Carolina, 1860 

Why the North won the War Between the States 

Octagon House, Laurens, SC 

Happy Thanksgiving: List of first thanksgivings


Desperation on the home front: The WBTS at home

Cult of Southern brotherhood: Freemasonry in the South 

Laurens County, SC, towns:  How did they get their names?

Frederick Douglass 


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