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                    A SF GURPS RPG campaign set in the near future of Humanity
2024...an astonishing discovery in the     Ice cap of Antartica reveals Mankind       hidden secrets

2032...Height years later, a lost          expedition finds ancient ruins in the      sands of Mars while Earth factions         prepare for war

2042...Earth nations fight for the         ressources of the jovian moons

2066...a scientific mission leaves Sol     for a new sun in search of humanity destiny
ECS Tycho Brae leaving Sol III - View from the bridge

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A chronology of the Near Future 2010-2024                                
                                   " The day we have landed on Mars"
              An extract from our RPG campaign on Mars colonisation
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Amazing Travellers. I can see such  stories in your eyes so deep as the Ocean !
Show us your rich memories , the beautiful jewels made of ether and stars !
We want to travel through your minds and leave behind our gray existence ...
Please tell us, what have you seen ?

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