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Updated March 3

This lighthouse is brought to you by Caitlin Rose and Ardra .

We will guide you through the worlds of "The X-Files" "The Matrix" and Great Big Sea

What's New:

Five new poems added to CR's Poetry, including some X-Files related ones.

Ardra and I also started a band in the past month, Debatable, and we have written two songs so the lyrics will probably be up soon. (Shameless publicity :)


Ardra and I "cast" our own movie for the Wheel of Time fiction series by Robert Jordan; it will be up for a short time just as a lark.

Finally, some Great Big Sea Quotes! We hope to add more, so if you have any, please email us.

Our Fan Fiction

CR's Matrix Fan Fiction

CR's Essays-several pieces of unrelated writing

CR's X-Files Fan Fiction

No Frontiers by Caitlin Rose(Siren) and Ardra; The two worlds of the X-Files and the Matrix collide when Trinity and Neo must risk their lives to save Mulder and Scully

Changing Tides an X-Files/Voyager crossover novel by Jane Griffan and Caitlin Rose

Looking For a Place to Land by CR; A short story, fiction; inspired/based upon Great Big Sea

CR's Essays~several pieces of unrelated writing

Other People's Fan Fiction:


Cheechi's Great Big Fan Fiction

COMING SOON Matrix fan fiction!


CR's Poetry

Amarie's Poetry - Carrie-Anne Moss related/inspired

From the basement office in the J. Edgar Hoover Building... Spookie's Mulder and Scully Poetry

Great Big Pictures!

Hartwood Acres, Pittsburgh PA, July 16, 2000 photos from Caity's roadtrip. Hartwood Review

Review from the ill-fated concert at Lafayette Square, June 22, 2000

Proof of the existance of Great Big Sea in Rochester! Milestones, April 1, 2000 Check them out, it was quite a night!

Milestones Concert Review


Red Planet, one of Carrie-Anne Moss's new movies.


Season 8 Reviews:

Within (part I of the season premiere)

Season 7 Reviews:

All Things

Hollywood A.D.


Reviews of Season Six


X-Files relationships

Words of the wise

Great Big Sea Quotes

X-Files Quotes


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