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Welcome to the Gillig Transit Coach - Pacific Schoolcoach Resource, your #1 source on the web for pictures and information relating to the Gillig Transit Coach and the Pacific Schoolcoach

Founded in March of 2001, the  mission of the "Resource" is to preserve the history of these great school buses. We do that through carefully archiving and cataloging each photo, as it is submitted, and then it gets listed in the Resource's Images Mainframes, by way of their subdivisions.

I am Steven Rosenow, webmaster of this site. E-mail me at if you have questions, or place a comment in the guestbook by signing it below.  I always respond to my e-mail, although the response can be delayed because I am busy on other projects.
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Gillig Diecast Replica
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Some changes will be coming in the coming months to the Gillig Transit Coach/Pacific Schoolcoach Resource. Click the link below to find out more on what's happening to the site, and the answer to the most often-asked question: Where has Steven Rosenow, the developer of this site, been for the last two years?

Upcoming Changes
The Gillig Transit Coach and Pacific SchoolCoach Resource has moved to a new location. The new address is The website you see here is an archived, fully-functional copy for historical archive purposes. All future updates, content additions, and all inquiries shall be forwarded to the new address. Thank you for visiting GilligCoaches.NET