Welcome to my home! My interest is Nature,prehistory,the Future,shinto and other old traditions. I think those traditions can help us in the future,as they are open to change, creation of diversity,as opposed to the black and white view of western thought. I also have some classical texts here. There is a lot of different stuff here.Share your thoughts and e-mail me! I am new to webpages, please excuse this beginners look. Thanks.
Sorry, due to some mistake of mine, there are not all files online. 17.3.00 ようこそ 私のホームページへ 私は神道と伝統的な日本に大変興味を持っています。

Other Stuff



Female suns
baltic sun
Mirror of the sun
Children of the sun-science not fiction


Most of my Shinto is now here Torii- entry to the sacred
A shinto festival
Some japanese symbols
Intro to shinto
History of Kami and Shinto
The Tenno in Shinto
Ancestor worship
Photos taken around Tokyo
Shinto Webart for you pages

Other stuff

Is the japanese Emperor from Korea?
Body ritual in prehistoric Japan
Get a Jomonage hairstyle
Finno-Ugrian Pagan Prayer
Visit my shrine
Practical shamanism
The myth of race
Thoughts on Fragmentatiom
Rant about These Days
Just Animals
Tacitus about the practices of the old germans
My immigration nightmare
Many Pagan, polytheistic, pantheistic Links! Free Webart! Links

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