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This site lists my direct ancestors ( indicated by an asterisk * ), back to and before the 1500's ( so far ), their immediate family, and where more than one marriage occurred, the names of those "other wives".   However, only the family from which a direct ancestor springs is listed.   It is not my intention to include detailed information regarding direct ancestor siblings ( collateral lines ) although some data regarding sibling family members is included.   I will share any or all information in my database with anyone submitting a suitable request.   Inquiries regarding any surname listed will be reviewed and a reply sent as soon as practical.   Although my database contains considerable data and is continually being revised, as new data is discovered, verified and recorded, it takes time to enter new data.   Revising this site also takes time.   Considerable care has been taken to include applicable source references.   Data regarding living persons has been intentionally omitted from this site accept for the mention of immediate family members. We used to travel in our motorhome and annually visited the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, and/or the Mid-Continent Genealogical Library in Independence, Missouri; we used to visit the Allen County Genealogical Library in Ft. Wayne but stopped because of their "closed book shelf" policy which we understand has now changed to "open shelf".    We also visit State archival sources of vital records, County Courthouses that open their records to research, and browse cemeteries with our digital camera.

My wife and I were full-time RV'ers and traveled five to six months out of the year.   We are now staying closer the home we built in South Alabama and only travel now to visit grand kids. .   One or both of us are members of the Family Motorcoach Association ( F-52104 )

Escapees RV Club    and    SKP Genies BOF (Birds of a Feather) Genealogy Group

National Genealogical Society, Alabama Genealogical Society, Baldwin County ( Alabama ) Genealogical Society, Franklin County ( Tennessee ) Historical Society, and a Life member of the Wilson Historical Society ( Niagara County, New York ).   We are both serious family researchers and enjoy the hunt for our "ancestral roots".    If you see us on the road, honk and wave.

My wife was born in Madison County, Alabama, and many of her direct line ancestors resided in Jackson County, Alabama, Hot Spring County, Arkansas, and Franklin County, Tennessee.   She is researching her "southern" surnames Arnett, Arnold, Bean, Collins, Hinshaw, Looney, Martin, McGehee, McVey, Prince, Pruitt, Putman, Robertson, Swearingen, Tankersley, Trice, Wallace, and Woods.   She would be happy to share and/or exchange data from her database with those seriously researching any of her surnames when a suitable request is received.

We continue to do renovation. For some time our web page will be in a state of disorder.   Please bear with us.

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Clicking on any hyperlinked name will lead to that individual. From the Surname List a hyperlink leads to the Index of Names and from there to whichever individual is selected. Likewise, hyperlink numbers within a narrative leads to the Source Reference from which it was obtained.

NOTE: Only names in my direct line are hyperlinked .  

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