Favorite Eggplant Recipes


I generally prefer to grow my own eggplant, but if you are Selecting store bought eggplant, look for heavy, firm fruit with unblemished skin. Seeds in Eggplant are responsible for the bitter taste that sometimes accompanies it. Male eggplants have fewer seeds than the female, they have a rounder, smoother blossom end or base. The blossom end of a female eggplant is generally indented.

Eggplant stores poorly, use a perforated plastic bag in the refrigerator where it will keep only a few days. It may however be blanched or steamed then frozen for up to six months. Eggplant is not very high in any vitamin or mineral, but is very filling, while supplying low caloric intake with very little fat, assuming you take it easy on the oils. Eggplant is "meaty" it's texture makes it a perfect vegetarian main-dish.







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