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        One of the most Unexplainable things in this world of today, is indeed the Human Mind. Its the cult of Ideas, and Unpredictable thoughts passing through the mind at blazing speeds, that has given rise to today's Technical developments. As you're reading this text, for a second, if you'd stop and think ....think how man started out with his Club and Spear, and then the Stone age gave way to the Metal age, then we had the invention of Fire, and then Electricity, then Electronics.....now you'll know how you ended up sitting in front of a computer now , comprehending everything that's written on the monitor. The only cause of all these ,the Brain! We owe today's technology to it.

        Early Men, used the power of their brain merely for the purpose of Survival. He used his brain to help him escape from scavengers, to divert their attention, and to fend for himself. Unfortunately, as the civilization advanced from one era to another, luxuries caused man to use lesser and even lesser amount of his brain. And today, the term Mind power is a mere myth. Its just another case similar to how bats lost their eyesight. Its high time, we realized the powers of our Brain and reclaim those powers. Once that is done, the possibilities , are indeed endless!!!!!

        This site will help you in doing just that. I am posting a lot of articles and exercises on how to use your mind and discover your potential within. Be sure that you go through these exercises , only in a sequential manner, without skipping any section. The most important part of this site, I'd say is the Message board. To acclaim something, we have to work together, and that will happen, only if we interact with each other constantly. So I suggest you make your presence felt , through the message board, and post your articles which could help other people , on the message board.




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