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        According to ancient mythology, we have a spiritual body in addition to our Physical body. The spiritual body contains the physical body, and they occupy the same space. When we die, the spiritual body returns to the Higher self and the Physical body decays. The spiritual body then takes on another physical body and is reborn. Now, since I am not much in support of spirituality, let me refer to this spiritual body as Ethereal Body.

        Speaking in simple terms, you can assemble all the human organs, and create a human being, but it wouldn't be complete without life. So there is something else in addition to out physical body, which makes us live. This 'life-force energy' often referred to as 'prana', is the basis for survival. This energy drives us, and makes us breathe, eat, talk and Live. So how does this 'life energy' get into our body. This is where the spiritual body comes in, playing its part as the mediator. This ethereal body, receives the 'life-force' from the higher cosmos, and supplies it to our Body. Here the spiritual energy received by the spiritual body is transmitted to the physical body. Another case is when we build up Emotions. Emotions are non-materialistic things. You can never show where your anger, hatred , or joy is located. and very soon , your emotions move out of your mind. These emotions pass through your spiritual body back to the cosmos. Now , both these places we see that there has to be something between the physical body and the spiritual body, that coverts the energy oh physical scale, to spiritual energy and vice versa. This is achieved by rotating discs called chakras which are placed in a spiritual dimension on the surface of your body. Chakras resemble wheels, and they keep spinning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, churning energy. Its their duty to remove the unwanted emotions from the physical body, to the spiritual body from where it goes on into he cosmos. Also the 'life energy' received from the cosmos by the spiritual body is converted into hormones, and energy by these chakras.

There are 7 Major chakras, located at seven key points on the body. The details of these chakras are tabulated below.


Crown Chakra Top of head Higher Intelligence, Spirituality Violet
Brow Chakra Forehead Mental Clarity, Intelligence Indigo
Throat Chakra Throat Remove path Blocks, Confidence, Energy Storage Blue
Heart Chakra Chest Love and Prosperity Green
Solar Plexus Chakra Tip of Sternum Vibrancy, Enthusiasm Yellow
Spleen Chakra Just above the Navel Personal attraction, charisma, Magnetism Orange
Root Chakra Above the Groin, Below the Navel Connection with Earthly Things. Red


The rotation of chakras causes the efficient flow of energy. There is another envelope of energy around the ethereal body known as The Auric Shield. This Auric shield or Aura is all around our body, containing energy that reflects our mental and physical state. Thus the aura is actually a ball of energy, which contains our physical body, spiritual body and our chakras. Aura can be viewed as an extension of our physical body. Aura is present around every animate creature. Aura has energy which may be in various colors pertaining to the mood of the person. Great people , like ascetics and wise men, have a visible glow around their body or at the back of their head. In ordinary humans like us, aura is not that extensively developed and so , it may not be visible without proper practice. The width of an aura can be from a few feet, to many kilometers in ascetics.

As I told you, aura contains both Good and Bad energy. So how do you clean this Aura?...........The answer is simple, clean the negative energy from the Aura, simultaneously energizing the chakras, so that the chakras efficiently remove any future negative emotions, and your aura remains filled with the good energy alone.

Below I have given a few exercises for Energizing the Aura, Follow any one of these exercises, regularly for a period of one week along with the exercises of the First week.


Always make it a habit to breath through your nose. I see many people breathing through their mouth. this type of breathing not only makes the Aura worse, but also makes out body susceptible to infections. Breathing through the nose is the healthiest way to breathe. The nasal passage is lines with hair that filters out infection causers. Also the mucous membrane warms the air that passes through it.

In Hindu mythology, breathing through the left nostril is called Ida and breathing though the Right is called Pin gala. Balanced breathing through both nostrils lead to a better Aura. Other religions say that Ida and Pin gala air two nerves passing through the body, which represent the male and female energies within. The Ida is energized through left nostril breathing and the Pin gala through right nostril breathing. When balanced breathing is present, both the nerves are balanced, leading to beneficial effects for both the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

The Exercise:

Sit with your eyes closed. Place your tongue behind the root of your upper row of teeth. With your index finger, close your left nostril, and breathe through the right. Hold your breath for four seconds, and release the left nostril, and close your right nostril with your Thumb, and exhale through your left nostril. Once again inhale through the same left nostril, hold it for four seconds and exhale through the Right nostril. Now inhale through the Right nostril, hold and exhale through the left. Continue this process for ten minutes. It is even more beneficial if you can rest your focus on the tip of your nose while breathing.

Start with Inhaling for 3 counts, holding for four, and exhaling for three. Then slowly increase the counts to achieve a target of inhale for 6 counts, hold for 16 and exhale for 6.

At the End of ten minutes, you will feel very relaxed and optimistic. Your Aura is cleansed.


This exercise relies on the ability of Visualization to cleanse the Aura. Sit down in a relaxed manner and close your eyes. Try to relax each part of your body progreeively. Once you have achieved this, visualize a vortex of glowing white energy forming a few feet above your head. See it shaped like a torpedo, ready to suck up negative energy from the surrounding. With every breath that you take, see the it getting more energetic and bigger.

See the vortex descending slowly, through your crown, and sucking all the stagnant debris on your aura. Feel it suck up the mass of negative emotions and leave your aura clean and sparkling.Let the vortex descend down to your legs, sucking in negative energy all along.

Allow the vortex to descend through your aura, down to your feet, cleansing your aura all along the way, and then , way down right to the centre of the earth, where it may be used to fertile the lesser known realms.

A well balanced, perfect exercise of this type would take about 5-10 minutes, try to do one more session of the same.


        This exercise is the most productive of all the exercises I have mentioned. It combines the power of visualization, together with the power of hearing and speaking, to create very large amounts of Energy. This exercise also stimulates the power of vision and is a necessary step in learning to see auras with the naked eye.

        Sit or stand in a comfortable position. See a white light flowing from the heavens to your body. Be astonished by the brilliance of the light. Slowly let it surround your body, creating a perfect ball of energy around you. Start breathing comfortably , and with each inhale repeat the word 'AUM' (pronounced as "aaaaaaah.mmmmmmmm"). The reason I choose this word , is that we just need a syllable to concentrate our energy upon. Any word can be chosen by you. This word 'OM' according t Hindu religion contains spiritual powers, and can energize the person uttering it. So why not give it a try! Repeat this word with each breath. And see your white ball of energy getting more and more brilliant, rotating on its central axis which passes right through the centre of your body. Repeat this for 4-5 breaths.

        Now concentrate on your breathing, and with each exhale, speak the word "OM". Do this as before for 4-5 breaths. Each breath , see your surrounding energy ball getting stronger and more brilliant. Finally see this ball settling around you, and merging with your aura, repelling out all the negative energies from your aura. See the energy flowing down from your head to feet along the left side of the Aura, thereby strengthening that side, and up from feet to head along the Right side of the Aura, strengthening the right side. Repeat this for 5-10 breaths. Then see the energy flowing up along your back from feet to head, and down the front side , from head to toe. Feel this energizing the front and back of your Aura, repeat this for 5-10 breaths.

        Now visualize the positive energy in your aura going down through the outer side of the Aura, down to the Earth, and then rising up through the centre of your body, and spouting like a fountain above your head. as the Fountain spouts, see the seven colors of Energy (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red). Let the fountain remain so, flowing and protecting you , and maintaining your energy , spreading light to everyone that pass by you!



1. Sunlight strengthens and Energizes the Aura.
2. Eating less food, more frequently is beneficial to the Aura.
3. Fresh Air does good to Aura.
4. Natural Landscape are soothing to Aura.
5. Meditation helps Energies Aura.
6. Chants at times have a beneficial effect on the Aura.
7. Music does wonders
to the Aura.
8. Fragrances have a good effect upon the Aura.
9. Crystals like quarts, amplify the energies in the Aura, and can be used for quick recharges.