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        Since many of you have been requesting me to put up a page on psi-balls, and energy balls, I've finally decided to hoist one. The primary reason why I was hesistant to put up such a page was because psi-balls are the easiest things to make, and psi-balls can be used for good and bad...I didnt want to end up teaching someone to use Psi for bad. To such people I've only one thing to say. Remember the LAW OF KARMA- "What goes around comes back multiplied three fold"


PSI-BALLS -- A Brief Introduction.


             As the name says, Psi-Balls are balls of energy, that can be used to do almost anything. Psi-balls are used for various purposes, such as Healing, Telepathy, Message Sending, Confidence and Prosperity boosting etc. PsiBalls are easy to make, and they are tangible ...very soon we can start seeing PSI-Balls with the naked Eye and this is the first step to seeing Aura. Psi Balls store up energy and their potential is high. Depending on the type and extent of programming, psiballs can be used for purposes ranging from 'pulling someone out of depression' to almost anything.



            For this part, i recommend that you have a clean Aura. You can find exercises for Aura cleaning on the Aura Chapter.Turn off all disturbances in the surrounding and sit in a Quiet place, or lie down in the bed. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths..concentrate on your breathing. Now feel the white universal cosmic energy entering your head through the crown . Let the white light move down and spread to every part of your body. As it passes through each part, feel that specific part getting relaxed.

        Let the energy move down to your feet, and come out through your hands. Feel the energy flowing out through your palms. Spend a few minutes feeling this energy flowing through your palms.Now hold out both your hands, palms facing each other, about four inches apart. Make sure that your elbows are supported. Slowly start moving your hand out and in. With each breath that you inhale, let your hands move out apart a bit, say a few millimeters , and while exhaling let them come closer. Let your hand movement resemble such an inward and outward motion.

            Focus all your attention on your palms, and soon you might experience some kind of a sensation on your palms. Some people have a tickling sensation, while others have a warmth. Some others might feel a gentle coolness. All these are feelings of the energy that builds up between your palms.Once you start feeling it, then with each breath move out your hands farther, so that the psi ball increases in dimension. Make it as tight as it can be, and focus all your attention on it.


            Once you create a Psi-ball, then the next step is to program it. Visualise a clear picture of your goal...or what you wish to happen. In case you want someone to get well, visualise the person free from all diseases, happily smiling. Now project this picture into your energy ball. Focus this picture on your energy ball for a few seconds.Without opening your eyes , speak to your energy ball. Tell it to go out into the world, and bring to you what you desire. Then release the energy ball, and open your eyes.