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New Look, Same Great Taste

Don't forget to check out the new archive pages for our write-ups and videos. In addition, most of the write-ups are updated to include more pictures and links to their corresponding album. Make sure to check them out!


Every Friday, there are hundreds of guys lined up on Market St to go to the Cafe. What's wrong with this picture? Well, let's see... lots of fags waiting to get into a crowded bar where they will get to experience the same scene they experienced last time they were there, complete with the same music, same neon, same, same, same.

We boys at Guerrilla Queer Bar have a remedy for this situation, the logical solution to our celebratory wanderlust, a refreshing and simple idea that we think you might like.Take a pack of fun people to an altogether different bar that may or may not be expecting us. Why limit ourselves to the Castro (yawn) and South of Market? Alcohol is distributed all over town kids!

Let us heed my mother's sage advice on social situations:

"It's not where you go, dear, it's who you're with."

Guerrilla Queer Bar will serve as the coordinating point for these outings, chiefly through our email list (use the form below to sign up). Email messages announcing the next destination and date will be irregular, fairly brief, and typically on short notice. The email list will not be used to promote commercial events, nor will it degenerate into an every-event-in-a-warehouse type list.

You may be wondering "Hey, the word 'guerrilla' comes from the French 'guerre' (war). Will these adventures take the form of sneak-attack-hostile-takeovers of straight/other bars? Answer: not at all cupcake. This is not Critical MaryMass. We aren't going for strength in numbers so much as surrealism in numbers. Any real "attack" would violate my mother's other piece of advice on social situations...

"Never piss off your bartender."

So let's all meet out, warm some new barstools with our scrumptious, firm butts, and see what kind of trouble we can get into. For the record, our general attitude about the appropriate way to comport ourselves was summed up nicely by cultural critic, philosopher and partyboy Walter Benjamin back in 1938.

"I at once appropriated for myself the Kafkaesque formulation of the categorical imperative: 'Act in such a way that the angels have something to do.'"

Isn't that just disco? Well , we'll be in touch (and I don't mean N'Touch' sweetie).

New Guerrilla Queer Bar Website

Hi all. This website is no longer being maintained, except as an archive of our parties from 2000-2002. The new website is located at or Join us for our next party "I'm Dreaming of a White Necklace" Friday December 19th at Club 220 (aka The Campus Theatre).

Priscilla, Queen of Daly City

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our combination bus trip and pub crawl. Fun times were had by all, well everyone except the fellow who puked in Sister Constance Craving's handbag. Click here to see what you missed!

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menage a trois

Never been to a Guerrilla party before? Check out Hunter's pithy accounts of the parties we've thrown throughout San Francisco for the last year.

Our personal favorites were the Guerrilla Leather Bar at the W Hotel and Take Back the Marina! Our Tenderloin Bar Crawl was also a lot of fun.

Check out the gqb archives for more.

Misfits in Short-Clips

See GQB through Moses' eyes (and maybe yourself to boot). Our new and improved video library contains clips from previous parties. Keep checking back; more to come.

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To sign up to receive event announcements, just use the form to add yourself, or send an email to Barney Schlockum. Note: you should receive a confirmation email from Listbot when you sign up. If you don't receive one promptly, just drop us a line and we'll add you by hand. (Tip: when it prompts you for a password, if you haven't already subscribed, just pick one).

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Our organizers put this helpful frequently asked questions file together for your convenience. Check it out...

GQB Operations Manual

This manual contains everything you ever wanted to know about starting a guerrilla queer bar in your city.

GQB Around The World

It seems we have created a monster. Since half-assedly launching this site in May, 2000, several groups in other cities have decided to duplicate the concept in their neighborhood. To help spread the good word, we're setting up a directory of GQB-like lists in other cities on our home page. If you'd like to duplicate GQB in your city, drop us a line to be listed in the directory. Wondering how to create your own email list, just go to EGroups

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