If you are one of the many types of people I insult, don't take it the wrong way.... (rap sucks)















10-19-02 So here I am in gay October. I've updated some pages with scrolling text. Also, I added a new joke, Farmer Guy. See it here But, the most important update is the addition of GAMES!!!!!. Now if your lazy ass is bored, just go online, pop up my page and play the games. Of course there is a way around this, but it still includes coming to my website, muhaha!! By the way, here's the games.

05-28-02Oh fuck, it's still fuckin' May? Why can't it fuckin' be goddamn June 14 already? I added a few words in the dictionary page; 'Asians' and i think 'Hippie'. Also, we need a new drummer and bassist for the band. Interested? Email me, man. (right here). Well, we both love playing punk rock for the raw energy and excitement, but also metal for the skill and kick-ass soloes and riffs. Don't worry about the guitar stuff though, leave that to us. Hey man, if you haven't seen my asian jokes page... FUCKIN' CHECK IT OUT!!!!! here and here, they're at the bottom.

03-02-02I hereby proclaim the first ever down-date. I have updated every page in the site. ALL OF THEM!!!!
what? do you need a link for direction in your life? are you that insecure? can't you just use the ones up there? fine. here's your goddamn link. i'm sure you'll find that it'll take you precisely where you want to go. here

02-17-02Do you hate chain letters? Cuz I know I do. It's just a bunch of sayings that some college chick made up for her lesbian lover to try and tell her she loves her but hid the message as a 'friend' thing. Then the les forwards it to some other les and then she forwards it to some half-les and she forwards it some pity whore and then finally she forwards it to some innocent and busy guy that has other things to do besides listen to they're bitching (me). rants

02-13-02Ok, this is a semi-update, I mean I DID update the Dictionary with some new words made up by us, but it's still not considered an earth-shattering (where did that come from?) change as in my january 31st update. Oh yeah, I remember that one... Anyway, I just finished drawing up the band's logo on the most primitive program ever: MS Paint !! You may not think it's much, but that's only because you're mouse works properly or your not lazy in which case you'd clean your mouse every now and then. the band page or maybe you can even visit the dictionary page. though i doubt it.

01-31-02 Just a few Dictionary updates and some Link updates that will change this world. I mean come on, the politicians arent' doing much. According to their definition of "world altering", I can change the world by dotting all my "i's" and crossing all my "t's" but then again i'm not writing, I'm typing! ha! take that Washington!!!

01-21-02 It's about fuckin' goddamn time I make an update. Well some new racial jokes. hehehe<---go there and then click on Racial Jokes or something like that. Also the band section has changed because the actual band has changed. It was a choice between Machaca, Homeostasis, or The Freshmen for the new band name. Machaca is dried meat. Homeostasis is the state that cells attempt to achieve: basically it's like perfection or something. And well Freshmen is, well, a ninth grader. No competition. Freshmen it is.check it out here... that's it.

12-18-01 I have been in an increasingly bad mood today. Mostly cuz of some shit with me and some chick. If you wanna see my new rants, then click here.

12-16-01 Yes, excellent... Well I added the "the band" section. It's this band which I am the co-founder of. We have dubbed it "Buy Jerky". Yes, it shows some shit about the band. buy jerky now!

11-10-01 I guess if you still check out my site, then I shouldn't bore you away with my "bitching about life". But then again, some people would like to read about my pathetic life and just laugh at my stupidity.

11-05-01 Well, shit happened today. You don't need to know about that. Let's just say I pulled another "october 18". Except this time it was totally my fault and at blame and any other insult you could scream at me. Once again, I have fucked things up between me and a good friend. Once again I will have to try and explain everything that went wrong. OK, enough about me... Check out this coackroach. It's immune to radiation (as are all coakroaches)... (click here)

11-03-01 I made a new video: bloody crickeys! If you are one of the last surviving viewers of my webpage then good for you. Everyone else has turned on me. I guess I'm just not good enough for them anymore. Or maybe I never was good enough... May your god be good to you if you click here.

10-30-01 No, no, fuck off, fuck off stupid lame ass, back-from-retirement, old-timing, never-was-good-in-the-first-place, piece of shit Jordan. (click here)... what the fuck are you doing? Stop reading this totally unimportantly useless text and fucking click over there!

10-27-01 Well, Saturday morning is now the official "update day". I added shit on the "geeks only" section, changed the "gay list" to "the list" (which now includes the new and highly acclaimed "queer list"), and I added another page in the jokes section. When I was at school, during 2nd period, I came up with an idea and immediately pulled out a pencil and paper and drew it. Of course, it was hilarious. Even the Scottish queer, Ivan, laughed. Yeah, well the original is kind of... misplaced. Actually no, Vicky has it. How dare she. Wait, no, I gave it to her. Yeah, well here it is... digitalized and in full color!

10-21-01 Not too much today. I've been busy. Too much shit has been going on. Yeah, well I got this AOL messenger thing today (AOL sucks). I only got it so I could chat with this one girl (she's hot). Once again, neither I nor my affiliates endorse AOL. In fact we know it sucks. It's just that well... If you want my AOL screen name... well too bad. I know better than that. My friend is one of those people with the AOL proggies and I wouldn't want anyone fucking with my computer while I'm chatting with someone. You would have to ask me personally.

10-18-01 Well... for those who know what I'm talking about (hint, hint)... IT'S OVER. You killed it for the last time now. OK, back to being general. The damn WebSense goddamn company censored my fuckin geocities site too! Ass-raped goddamn terrorist shit! Damn them.

10-07-01 I added the geeks only page today. It's basically a section for the die-hard geek in me and maybe you. It contains new programs or issues which arise and I find out about. It's not too geekish, I haven't gotten to that degree yet, but I'll get there some day as long as I spend my time on the computer and playing bass all day every day.

10-05-01 I added the my dictionary page today. It's just a short guide to stupid things that i say. Some girls were following me after school today. How odd, girls don't like me...

09-28-01 Well, there's a few stupid things Erick and I have been saying for a while now. Now, I've decided that I should post them on my website so that others can see (or not see). eh... just go here

09-21-01 I transfered from my head to the website my 7-11 society. Check it out. I'm sure you'll be at least slightly interested. Me and my friend Erick came up with the 7-11 society. It mainly describes how we make fun of stuff. We stop by thy local 7-11 every day and waste a shitload of their straws and Big Gulp caps. We also make fun of boy scouts cuz our friend Kyle is in it. But, the part about throwing stuff away if someone wants it was totally my invention. I started some time ago. Anyways, check it out here.

09-17-01 I added the "little book" today. SIGN MY LITTLE BOOK!!!! I even signed my own damn guestbook. Isn't that hilarious. Actually, no, it is extremely lame. It just shows how much of a loser I am. I sign my own guestbook, and I access my own site.

09-14-01 I added the "beseen" counter today. I also accesed my page like 15 times just to make myself look good. Refresh, Refresh, Refresh...

09-13-01 Umm... not much. I just fixed the picture on the damn jokes page. Also, for some reason, the damn geocities site came up white and black yesterday instead of black and white. How fuckin gay. I also added the "Stuff about specific people" page. I fuckin' fixed the rants page. I had to take out the thing that specifies which school district, because if someone knew it, they could trace it back to me, and then they would get mad, and they would send a pussyish letter to the web servers telling them to remove me from the shit, and since they're gay, they will, and no more website. Oh well. I added a "gay list" today. It basically just lists people who I think are gay. Check it out. Goddamnit!!!! Check it out!! I command you to click on the link!

09-11-01 Well today, fucked up shit happened. Some Iraqi or Arabian (or some country with funny hats) guys hi-jacked some big fuckin airplanes and drove them right into the World Trade Center in New York. Also some other idiot (probably with the other guys) drove his hi-jacked airplane right into the Pentagon. All this, of course causes a wild state of panic and childish fear among pussy-ass white people all across the U.S. The measures they take to "protect" us are hilarious. Check this rants page for the fuckin retarded ass letter that some school district is passing out to students to take home.
Click Here to laugh your ass offAlso, today I created the identical Geocities LOSER webpage. Same shit, different server. It's cuz the gay-ass company WebSense (the one who censors internet usage for schools all over the country) has forbidden my website from their network of pussy schools who think they need censoring. So, I made an exact copy of my website on Yahoo's Geocities.

09-01-01 I created the website today, Well, not literally. I wrote the HTML pages yesterday and the day before that. It's just that today I uploaded them to the Angelfire database.

Read the disclaimer.This site is best viewed at whatever the fuck you have. This site is operated and was created by that dude. Email me at does_it_even_matter@hotmail.com