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Help us fight the injustice done to:
Kevin MacKinnon
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Kevin MacKinnon  has been working on "being heard" and fighting his wrongful conviction for 2nd degree murder from his prison cell for many years. Being in prison has taken his youth, his wife, his children and his health away from him.

His friends and family form his support group and they have been trying to help him be granted an appeal for retrial.  Their voices are not being heard. PLEASE Read, Print out, Sign and mail to your MP the PETITION

To be heard we need a LARGER and LOUDER GROUP of voices.

How You Can Help
Help us with being heard so we can get a new trial and this time prove Kevin's innocence. CONTACT the television stations, radio stations ask them why they don't run a story on Kevin and his fight to try and prove a wrongful conviction. CONTACT your MP and insist that they look into Kevin MacKinnon's case.

Don't let him fade away and die in prison for something he didn't do. You can help stop that by simply having attention brought to his case. Wrongful convictions DO happen! There has to be a avenue opened to have a wrong righted. PLEASE don't just read this and do nothing HELP US get Kevin a chance to prove his is a wrongful conviction!

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Reasonable Doubt

Statement of Facts

Open letter to Family and Friends from Kevin

News Releases

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The Association in The Defense of the Wrongly Convicted
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