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Hello,  I'm Mr. Titen.  I teach math in New Jersey.  This site has many different pages.  So check them all out.  Contents descriptions down below. 

***Disclaimer:  There are numerous spelling and grammatical errors throughout this site.  These are for the ENGLISH classes to find and get extra credit for.  Sorry... just had to be done.


Hey check out the new problem... it's a real mailer... hehehehe.. bad joke sorry. 

Quote of the Week!

Never Judge a Day by the Weather.

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    See ya next week.  Same BAT time, same BAT channel!

Challenge ProblemHere is the challenge problem for the week.  For my student's it is extra credit. Topics are from basic math to basic algebra to basic geometry. Some use straight foward thinking, some need more creative lateral thinking. Are You Ready for the Challenge?!?

The Home Work Place: Calendars of HOME WORK for all my classes.  These cover the next two weeks of school and should be updated weekly.

Mrs. MacKinney's Web Page: A link to the coolest English/Science teacher in the school.

Fun with NumbersDifferent tricks to do with numbers. Some use cards, some use dice, some use calculators, ..., all amaze the mind.  If you have a good number trick email it to me.

Answer Page: The answer to the previous challenge problem.

Archives: Old challenge problems to try.  BE CAREFUL THE ANSWERS FOLLOW THE QUESTIONS!

Links:  Places on the web to go for students and Parents. Some are fun, some are helpful.  Places for the teachers to go for help or projects.  If you have a good links please email them to me.

TesselationsSome very cool pictures created by students.

Games:  Some interactive games. Hangman. StarTrek and more. New games each month!!!


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