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This page has been redone so please take a look around and see the new pages.  Also, look below at the newest sites to be added to the other pages later and the Spotlight Site:

Student and Parent Links

Teacher Links 

   I am looking for more sites to add so please send them on in.  If you are a student and find a cool site email it to me so we can all go there.

Spotlight site#1: I had great time here!!!

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This website was fantastic!!!  I had a great time here.  The puzzles, although tough and very challenging, were much fun.   I highly recomend this site for a challenging time!!!!!    http://homepage.ntlworld.com/barry.r.clarke

Here is a great description from the Man himself:

"The puzzles on view here are entirely my own invention and have been selected from my column in The Daily Telegraph (UK) and from my various puzzle books. Here you will find liar problems, logic teasers, number conundrums, matchstick puzzles, lateral mind-benders, in fact, there's something for everyone here! And for puzzlers with Mensa IQs the advanced puzzles should provide a real challenge. If you get stuck, you can look at the hint, and if you're really stuck, a full solution is provided. To add to your enjoyment, I have drawn cartoons to illustrate some of the teasers."

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Spotlight site #2: This site is very wild... a mind twist if you will!

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Here's the description from the page itself:

curiouser.co.uk features paradoxical, puzzles, ideas, poems and designs. It is hoped that you will find the experience both entertaining and thought provoking.

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Here is a very cool site for Kids, Parents, and Teachers.

Mr. Becker's Mathescientist Page   This is an excellent page for things to do for math and science.

Mathematics Education Internet Sites http://www.wits.ac.za/ssproule/mathpage.htm   This site has a GREAT listing for many math related sites. 

Math Abundance (grades 9 -12): www.ping.be/~ping1339/hp.htm This witty site offers tutorials on topics from pre-Algebra through Calculus. The designers sum up their site this way: "As we worked our way through various math classes throughout the years, we often became confused or lost.  At first we decided it might have been all the sleeping and talking we did during class, but we knew it couldn't be that simple... So here's a site for people like us... easy ways to learn concepts. 

MathFlash (grades 2 - 8): www.edu4kids.com/math  Here is a good example of computers doing what computers do best.  Straight foward computation flash cards are generated by this site.

DAU Math Refresher (grades 3 - 12): www.cne.gmu.edu/modules/dau/math/index.html Designed as a tool to review basic arithmetic through calculus, this site is charmingly designed with the organizational metaphor of a subway systemthat students travel through as they complete each topic.  The students will have to have pencil and paper ready to work out the problems.

Mission: Critical (grades 7 - 12): www.sjsu.edu/depts/itl/  This project of The Institute of Teaching and Learning offers a large set of tutorials on logic and thinkning skills. 

Web Math (grades 3 - 12): www.webmath.com/index.html This impressive math site is set up to provide computerized step-by-step tutorials on most individual problems in almost any math topic.

Fun Mathematics Lessons (grades 2 - 12): www.rice.edu/~lanius/Lessons/  This site, by Rice University math instructor Cynthia Lanius, offers a set of tutorials and lessons on interesting topics ranging from cartography, algebra, geometry, and problem solving to calculus.

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