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Your friend ramdomly selects a 2-digit number. You read his mind and reveal the number he was thinking.

Things you need:

10 scraps of paper

A shoe box

Here's what you do:

1. Ask your friend to name any 2-digit.

2. Write that number on a scrap of paper, fold it several times, and drop it into a shoe box.  Make sure that no one sees what you are writing.

3. Reapeat steps 1 and 2 several times until your friedn has named about ten different numbers.

4. Have your friend reach into the shoe box and open up one of the scraps of paper without letting you see it.

5. Rip up the remaining scraps of paper so that their powerful mathematical vibrations will not interfere with your mindreading.

6. Ask your friend to concentrate on the number that he is holding.  Pretend that yo are reading his mind, and then reveal that number!

How It's Done:

Write the first number that your friend names on every scrap of paper.  If every scrap of paper has the same number, it will be very easy to tell him what's on his mind!



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