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Sari's Travels

The Math Projectionist

The Pizza Problems

A Dozen Hens


Sari visits her friend LaToya so often that she likes to vary her route. If Sari never moves along diagonals and never walks back toward her own house, how many different routes can she take to go to LaToya's house?

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You have to list each route and then check carefully. There are a total of5 routes she can take. The first way is through letter E and then to the right. #2 is to A and down then turn right. #3 is to B and down then to right. #4 is to C and down then turn right. #5 is to D and down to LaToya's house.

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Answer to The Math Projectionist:

Mr. Rampolla went to a carnival this past summer and he met the Math Projectionist. He invited him to our school but he was unable to attend in person, so he sent along this. The Math Projectionist is trying to project his thought into your mind. Are you receptive to his thoughts. If you are then you will know the two whole numbers he is thinking about. He is giving you a clue because it is your first time.

wpe4.jpg (7690 bytes)

wpe3.jpg (13968 bytes)

This problem is best solved by trial and error (sometimes known as guess and check). Try 1 and 4. 1 X 4 is 4 and their sum is 5. Nope, doesn't fit the rule. So try again with different numbers. Like 2 and 10, their product is 20 and their sum is 12. Nope, still doesn't work but we are getting closer. After a few more tries, you should come up with the actual answer of 4 and 12. This was a tough problem, and I didn't receive as many replies as usual. But all must keep trying. Remember to challenge you brain as often as possible. Your mind, like you body, must be kept in shape. So, Keep Working You Mind Out.

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The Answer to The Pizza Problem:

Mr. Titen and Mrs. MacKinney were having lunch. They ate three pizzas from the tray. Now they want to split the rest equally. But as you know Mrs. MacKinney can't do anything in a simple way. She said that we must split the pizzas with ONE single straight slice through the tray so that it divides the pizzas fairly.

One solution is to cut horizontally through the tray. But that's too easy, find another way to cut them so that the areas are equal on each side. (Remember it must be a straight cut.)

wpe1.jpg (27724 bytes) or wpe2.jpg (27849 bytes)

In the first one I have cut it into two halves. In the first half I have one whole pizza and 3 pizzas with 2/3 each and as we know... 3 x 2/3 = 2. So there are three whole pies there. On the other side we have two whole pies and 3 pizzas with 1/3 each. and as we know 3 x 1/3 = 1. So 1 + 2 = 3 pies on that side also.

In the second, the more difficult of the two, I have also cut the picture in half. This one is more difficult to see but I have cut 1/8 from the bottom two and 1/3 from the two in the middle and top right.

These were the only two ways that I have found If you think you way works then send it in again with an explanation of how it works.

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Answer to A Dozen Hens:

Mr. Berk, my Principal, and I were talking the other day. We were discussing the finer points of life and he posed this question to me:

If a dozen hens lay a dozen eggs in a dozen days, how long will it take 1000 hens to lay 1000 eggs at the same rate?

NA01126A.gif (721 bytes)

The answer: Twelve days. One Hen lays 1 egg in twelve days so 1000 hens will lay 1000 eggs in twelve days. Tricky... Tricky... Mr. Berk.

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Well thanks for checking the answer. Hope to see ya next week.... be good and be well. mR.tSUNGLASSSMI.GIF (909 bytes)

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