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#3 The Switch is On!

A deck of cards is divided into two piles.  Your friend secretly takes a card from each pile and places it in the opposite pile.  Even though each pile is thoroughly shuffled, you are able to find your friend's two cards!

Things you need:

A deck of regular playing cards (excluding jokers)


Put all the even cards in one pile (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Queen) and all the odds cards in another pile (Ace, 3, 5, 7, 9, Jack, King).  Shuffle each pile so that it is well mixed.

The Trick:

Have your friend shuffle each pile separately with out looking at the cards.  Spread both piles face down on the table

Tell her to choose one card from the group at the top, look at it, adn place it in the group on the bottom.  Then have her choose a different card from the group at the bottom, look at it, and place it in the gorup on the top.

Have her shuffle each pile, put one pile on the top of the other, and hand you the deck of cards.  Within seconds, you are able to reveal her two cards!

How It's Done:

    The odd card that is chosen will be surrounded by even cards, and the even card that is shosenwill be surrounded by odd cards.

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