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Chef TuckerThis is Chef Tucker
Roxanne started to produce craft dolls a few years ago. This effort created a use for the richest and finest recycled material of all types. Using this type of material allows quality at a very reasonable cost to the customer.
My Parents

Check out My Family. I love them all. I sent my cousin a little family story I will share with you. Hope you like it. My Family andwork

Old TimeI am interested in old iron. That topic relates to tractors and machinery of my childhood on the farm. One spot in the area is Joe's place.

Would you like a tune while reading A favorite midi file

I was working on a new starting page for a little while. I tried to make link-able graphics. Just a thought for improvement. It will be ready later. Problem with it, hard to make changes.

Ford Tractor Farming
Palmer FossumThe Ford tractor lacking power had a kit to replace the engine with an V8 truck engine. These kits where known as the Funks conversion kit. It came with a transmission adapter and hood extension and all the necessary parts to complete the job.

My little buddy.PuddlesWhen I come home from work she greets me at the door and now it is time to play. Play is putting it mildly. The stored up energy explodes in every antic you could imagine. She is a great stress reliever; the day's anxiety is vented to the air where it belongs.

Being a 10-lb. Watchdog, she sees every squirrel, rabbit and bird around the area. I really feel safe in my own home. When it is nap time, she resides by my feet or on my lap.

A few days ago,Drug StoreI took a trip back to my home town. My thoughts feelings and insights while traveling down memory lane of the town of my childhood and teen years.

A Trip to Medjugorje in the fall of 97
PrayerA Trip to Medjugorje in the fall of 97 My wife made a trip around the world to see the Medjugorje shrine where Our Lady appeared to children on the 25 of each month For more information check out the site for more information

Dodge Brothers Touring Sedan
Dodge BrothersThe drive train, engine, transmission was reworked. The car is in very sound mechanical condition. Some of the features of the Car are its original leather interior, 6-cylinder engine, hydraulic brakes, and rear large gas tank. The car needs interior restoration at this time.Mail to mtbusch@yahoo.com

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Case Steam Tractor

Being fond of farm history, I like to attend antique tractor shows. The photo is from Rice county Steam and Gas Association. This Case steam engine powers the large saw rig and some of the Thrashing rigs during the show. Here in the photo the parade is about to start. Show held on Labor Day weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

PaperThere is Good Quality, 3 rolls for 14 cents. Better Quality 3 rolls for 23 cents The best cleansing tissue quality 3 rolls for 25 cents. The ads appeared in the 1941

Montgomery Wards Catalog. I rescued two catalogs from extinction. There are more photos from the catalog on the link. If only the prices were the same today.

Show GroundsLeSueur County Pioneer Power Inc. has one of the biggest shows in southern Minnesota. I try to attend most days. The event is scheduled on the third week of August. Parking is next to the show grounds with shuttle service to and from the parking area.

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