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This story began in 1951 when Miss M.E. Mills, a leader from N.S.W. suggested to members of the Federal Council that Australia create a Commonwealth Guide Standard to be used by the Chief Commissioner for Australia whenever she appears officially with the guides. It was suggested that each State be given a specified part to be embroidered - as many children as possible being allowed to make stitches under supervision.
At the Federal Council held in October 1952, South Australia displayed the proposed design and material obtained in England for the Standard. It was agreed that South Australia be asked to take charge of the working of the Standard.
In May 1954 South Australia reported to the Federal Council that the Standard had been presented on behalf of the Federal Council to the Chief Commissioner, Mrs C.O. Fairbairn, O.B.E. by Miss May Douglas. This presentation took place in Adelaide, on March 23rd and the Standard had been used for the first time when guides lined the drive at Government House during the visit of H.M. Queen Elizabeth. Tasmania had provided the blackwood for the pole.

The Symbolism of the Standard:-

The Standard carries the guide symbol, the trefoil on a blue ground. The Surrey Lion represents Surrey, England where Mrs Fairbairn, the first Chief Commissioner for Australia commenced her guiding days, the tudor rose gives us the link with England where guiding began.
Then comes the Commonwealth star representing Australia as it does on our national flag, this is followed by our Motto, "Be Prepared". On the fly, on a blue ground divided by a band of pale gold, are the emblems of the States and Territories of the Commonwealth -
Koala (Queensland), Waratah (New South Wales), Southern Cross (Victoria), Magpie (South Australia), Black Swan (Western Australia), Platypus (Tasmania), Black Cockatoo (Northern Territory), Bird of Paradise (Papua New Guinea).
Also in the fly, interspersed with the emblems are yuccas, or grass trees, which are found all over the Commonwealth - in some places they are called "blackboys".

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