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In the hoist is seen the Guide Trefoil on a blue background - the Trefoil presented to us when we make our Promise. Next to that is the State Badge of Victoria, placed below the Commonwealth Star.
Dividing the blue background from the red there is a diagonal band in gold on which is shown our motto "Be Prepared", and on the reverse side, Victoria.
Next comes a loxenge (diamond shape -traditional shape for use by women), which contains three natives of Victoria.
The Pink Heath, beneath a gum bough on which is perched a Leadbeater Possum and the Helemeted Honeyeater.
The red background is the heraldic red standing for Courage and Service.
The diagonal stripe with green and white triangles represent camping and the out of doors, reminding us that guiding places emphasis on outdoor activities.
In the fly is shown the compass representing guiding around the world in all directions, with clasped hands of friendship, using the left hand, assuring peace.
On the silver joint of the pike is inscribed - Presented by the Girl Guides Association Special Activities Committee, 2nd September, 1976.

Victorian Standard