Kim Hopper

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Kim Hopper

Kim Greene Hopper began her life on stage as a child singing with her dad and brothers in the group known as the Greenes. After marrying Dean, she continued travelling with her brothers for a short time, finally joining the Hoppers as their soprano singer. Her voice melded beautifully with theirs.

Kim and Dean have two beautiful little girls, Karlye, age 14, and Lexus, age 4. They make their home in North Carolina

where the Hopper farm and studios are located. When not on the road, Kim likes to maintain a clean home and make a normal life for their little girls


Kim Hopper

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Kim's Statistics

Birthdate: May 25, 1967

Anniversary: November 20, 1988

Spouse: Claude Dean Hopper

Children: Karlye Jade & Lexus Jazz Hopper


Kim Hopper

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