Welcome to our chat room. Come on in and get comfortable!

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Seek the Lord and His strength, seek His face continually... Ps 105:4

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Welcome Back!
Welcome back friends. 

It's good to be back. 
We finally have a new home on the starchat network.
Please check below for more information on entering the chatroom.

House Rules:

Things haven't changed, just the place where 
the chatroom is. Please don't hassle one 
another, and please leave other less-than nice 
habits at the door.

This site honours the one true God and is
 a G rated room, therefore no swearing 
or "adult" behaviour please. 

We can have fun without these things *smile*....really!!!

Come join us, see ya there!


shine Jesus

Come and join us

How to get
and use 
Christian Command


How to get
and use mIRC



How to get
and use Pirch



 IRC or Java?

Seeking His Face Ministries now have a channel (chatroom) on the Internet Relay Chat network(IRC) ... StarChat.net.

We have two ways to access the channel. You can choose to enter the chatroom with the java entry below, or you may use an IRC chat client (programme) such as Christian Command, mIRC or pirch. Christian command incorportates mIRC and also comes complete with a bible. For instructions on setting up your connections using these, please click on the links on the left. 

This set of links at Willy's Place will help you learn more about IRC, mIRC and PIRCH.

The StarChat web site offers several pages and links to help also - Services, IRC Info, Servers.

The Server is StarChat. The room/channel is #seeking-his-face
Please don't forget the hyphens.

If you need help using these programmes please ask one of us in SHF. Use the java entry below to come and chat to us and sort our any problems or email SHF if you have trouble connecting. Thanks.

Java Entry

If you would rather not use one of the irc programmes, please use the link below to load the java applet to enter Seeking His Face chatroom.

Become a friend today

             Chat  Now

A new browser window will open and you will need to accept the java programme in order for the applet to load. You also need to have java enabled in your browser options.
After the applet has loaded change the nick from the default of "guest" and put in a nickname (handle) for yourself. The rest has automatically been added for you. Click on Connect Now!(not the okay button), and within under a minute you will be joining us in Seeking His Face. Love to see you.


Seeking His Face Guestbook

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