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Welcome to the Bible Study section of Seeking His Face Ministries.

These studies are for both those looking for God and those who want a deeper walk with Him.

The studies are not to tell you what to think and believe. Hopefully they will help you discover for yourself what Scripture is saying. Numerous of the questions don't have a "right" or "wrong" answer. Their job is to help focus your thoughts, and illuminate relevant points.

If at any time you would like help please email SHF Ministries or come to the chatroom (when we have it back up and running). In the near future we are hoping to hold fortnightly bible studies online. If you would like to join these please add your name to the mailing list here:

How to get the most out of these lessons:

  • Read the introduction to each lesson and and think about your answers to the first group of questions. You may want to jot down your answers in a notebook, or print out the page and write them in the space provided.
  • Ask God to speak to you today from His Word.
  • Read the passage of Scripture that we are going to study. You may want to get your own bible. The text here is from the New Standard American Bible - which is a good version. Write down any questions you might have. 
  • Work your way through the second group of questions, writing down your thoughts and answers as you go. Think about your own questions and record your thoughts and answers here. Ask God to help you with things you may find difficult. Then re-read the passage of scripture and what you have written. Write down anything more that comes to mind, and how you can apply what you have learnt.
Move to the "Radically Yours" section.
 Truthfully think over your answers to the questions in this section. This is between you and God - not us. Talk to him about the insights you have received from study today. Share with Him the desires you may now have or ask Him for help as you attempt to live out principles described in today's passage of Scripture.

Enjoy Your Study!

Series One

Lesson One:
Diamonds or Gold?
Lesson Two:
Son of God?
Lesson Three:
Are Actions Louder than Words?
Lesson Four:
Christ's Resurrection
Lesson Five:
More to the Cross than Death?
Lesson Six:
Our Helper

Series Two

Lesson One:
Pass The Salt
Lesson Two:
Coming Soon
Lesson Three:
Coming Soon
Lesson Four:
Coming Soon
Lesson Five:
Coming Soon
Lesson Six:
Coming Soon

Are you a Christian? 
A real and committed Christian?

Good works don't do it my friend. It is who you know, not what you know or do.
Accept Christ today as a vital part of your daily existence and let Him
come and reside with you.
Reciting creeds, following doctrines, being in church every Sunday will not
replace knowing and accepting Christ as Lord in your life?
These things do have their place but it is opening the door to Christ
in your life daily that is the crucial issue.

Pray from your heart with me now:

Dear Lord Jesus,
I know that I have done my own thing.
I have sinned in what I have done, and what I have thought and what I have said.
I'm sorry. I'm not going to do these things any more.
I believe you are the Son of God.
I believe you died for me, paying for all the wrong things I have done,
and that you  rose from the dead.
I thank you for your love for me.
Come in Lord as my Saviour and clean me from sin.
Take control of my life.
Help me to serve you all my life, in your strength doing what you ask.
Thank you Lord, 

If you just prayed this and meant it, Christ has entered your life. 
It might not be an earth shattering experience, but Christ is there with you now,
just as He said he would be.

Step out in your new life today, and take hold of the promises He gives you.

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