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Mortael and Fyrael are good mates.  They’ve been mates for thousands of years.  Mortael is a funny light hearted humorous dude who also has a dark side… after all; he is the God of Death and the Undead.  During times of war, Mortael gets many new arrivals in his realm for obvious reasons. 

There is one story about someone who has an intense and bloody struggle against an enemy.  He wakes up to find himself in a very dark and gloomy domain.  He sees a tall, strong, dark figure in front of him… 

“Is this… hell?”

“No.  You are in my domain.  The Underworld!” 

“Basically, hell!?”

“No, that’s my good friend Fyrael’s line of work.  Why do you people always confuse the underworld with hell?” 

“Who are you?” 

“I am Mortael.  God of the Death and the Undead. 

It is true, however, that many pass through the underworld on their way to hell”

“I’m not going to hell!”

“Ha ha ha!  Don’t worry my friend, I won’t be sending you there right now.  Varyel mentioned you to me.  It seems he still has a need for you, even though you are a ghost”

“You know Varyel?” 

“Yes, of course.  - You had a fight with Ares, right?” 

“Yeah.  I was kicking his ass! ... But he wouldn’t - bloody - die!” 

“That’s right… I think that would have something to do with the fact he’s… immortal!”

“That bastard… the cheater!” 

“Varyel will talk to you at some point.  In the meantime you can have a little wonder around the Underworld…you know… see the sights and all that” 

“Varyel will come here?” 

“Yes.  He’ll give you advice on how you can prevent Ares from his plan to take over your planet Earth” 



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