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The Guardians of Light vs The Legions of Darkness

This is very much about the world of good vs evil.

There is an Order of Priests (in a fictional religion lead by the Guardians of Light).

They have the responsibilty of preparing the students of the order and themselves to protect the world from an evil that is about to occur

(I.e. the oncoming doom of the Legions of Darkness).

The Legions of Darkness will have a leader emerge that will be a great villain. He will lead them in a campaign of destruction and enforce his will over the people.

Yet the Guardians of Light also prepare for a Radiant Champian of Light to save them and the world from doom.

Most of the Students of the Order of the Guardians of Light seem to be preparing well.

However, (Yet to be named), one of the Students has something that is unholy happening to him...

A Storm is Coming..

  Witchville School  

(Yet to be named) is a young qualified teacher, and life seems to be going well so far...

There is a new teaching position that he is aiming to fill for the upcoming school term, at a new school, 'Witchville School'...

"Witchville? Don't you think that's a weird name for a place", asks his mate.

But (yet to be named) shrugs it off, "It's just a place name to me... places have odd names sometimes".

His friend adds, "Plus... I've heard stories about that place..."

  (Martial arts story - To be given a title)

(Yet to be named) is a young martial arts master who is ready to begin training students of his own in the arts.

Obediance to masters is the custom. He has the power to shape them in the way he envisions.

Does he seek to teach a harmonious style that serves peace or does he seek to create an army of henchmen to do his bidding? This will be one of the decisions he has to make...

Obediance to Master is Custom!

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