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Imperial Rune Knights:




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The high Dwarves once owned the greater part of the Runescape expanse, their arrogance only matched by the might of the axes. They were the finest smiths of Runescape, creating the deadly runite weaponry. However this arrogance led them to ignore a large band of barbarians, who day by day grew stronger and larger, until at last they struck. The mighty dwarven empire was brought to its knees, its survivors scattered and wounded, the Dwarven kings were laid to the ground. Now the Dwarves have been stripped of their armour and wealth, wearing nothing but scrap iron as armour. Now even the survivors were consumed by evil, to become Chaos Dwarves, the bane of all.

Though they still hold a grudge against humans, they have accepted a non-aggression treaty, and until this day are gathering resources, their military and their ancient power.





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