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NEWS. [Updated: 7/16/05]
*Greg Poulos Film Institute Home Page! [Updated: 9/7/05 -- GPFI News Update]
Quotes are an important part of a well-balanced breakfast. [Updated: 8/22/05 -- 5 new quotes]
SpiffyLinks™: The new way 'round the intarweb. [Updated: 8/1/05 -- 3 new links]
To be sure, AOL Words can lead to great industrial growth! [Updated: 8/22/05 -- 8 new words]
May the reviews be with you. [Updated: 7/9/05 -- "The Ring Two" review up]
Have you ever heard the playlist cry to the blue corn moon? [Updated: 8/22/05]
*Do you fully comprehend my creative genius? [Updated: 9/7/05 -- Eighteenth in a series of Antics posted]
Once a nickname, now a nickname, always a nickname. [Updated: 7/25/05 -- Two new nicknames]
Give the guestbook a kick in the shin or peep at it through a window. Y'know... whatever floats your boat. [Updated: 7/9/05 -- Version 4.0!]
I Heart Nice Work. [Updated: 3/13/05]

Well-come to the home of John on the intarweb: the Krazy Kanadian Korner! [Updated: 10/17/03 -- Newest rant up]

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