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Fifth season

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  1. The Ring (PS)
    Mark searches for the perfect engagement ring to satisfy Vanessa's expensive taste.
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  2. Please Don't Go (PS)
    Mark uses his relatives to try and convince Geneva to stay at the house after she feels she's invading Mark and Vanessa's privacy.
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  3. The In-laws (PS)
    Mark meets Vanessa's In-Laws.
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  4. Mark Finds a Job (PS)
    Mark finds a job to try to support Vanessa's wedding.
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  5. Security (PS)
    Mark sneaks into a Greek Relaxing Place
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  6. HORSE (PS)
    Mark challenges the Women's Basketball Coach to a game of HORSE and the winner would use the school gym for their practice. Vanessa is jealous and thinks that Mark likes the Women's basketball Coach. In school, Tyler and Nicole have to try to prick their hand to get a blood sample for Science. In the end, Mark wins and agrees to share the Basketball time in the gym with the Women's Basketball Team and Vanessa finds out that Mark does not like the Women's Basketball Team. Also Tyler faints and is the only one who is scared of the blood test.

  7. Mark Predicts the Future (PS)
    Mark is hired to be the Palm Reader for the school carnival. Mark accidentaly tells the future of a man who is willing to give money for the school. The man bugs Mark throughout the show about his future. Finally Mark says that he will predict his future for the last time and the whole cast will join in and make the "palm reading" come real. The man goes to Siberia and sends the money for the school ($50,000). Unfortunatly, the man puts the money in a safe that Mark must find out where with his "Palm Reading Powers".

  8. Mark and Vanessa's Stories (PS)
    Mark and Vanessa is doubting their ingagement because of an incident that morning. They both give different stories to Aunt Geneva and Nicole. Mark explains that Vanessa never told him that her boss was coming over while Vanessa explains that Mark knew about the party with the boss and refused to be kind to them. There was a "miscomunication" with both of them and Vanessa and Mark may break up. Tyler comes over with laundry and Tyler tells the real story of what happened since Tyler came over the house every few minutes. Whose telling the real story? and Is Mark and Vanessa Breaking Up?

  9. Commitment (PS)
    Ken and Geneva are thinking about commitment and the next morning, Ken proposes to Geneva and Geneva says yes. Unfortunatly, Ken feels that he has "cold feet" and Mark tells Ken that you have to live with your mistake forever. Ken rushes out and says to Tyler to tell Geneva: "Geneva, sweethart, everything is going too fast..." Geneva and Vanessa feel that Mark had something to do with it. Mark finds Ken looking out on the top of the roof of a building. Mark thought that Ken was going to jump and Mark jumps off the building. Mark holds onto a flag pole off the side of the building and Ken must rescue Mark. Now, Ken must tell Geneva that he does not want to get married... Will Geneva forgive him?

  10. The MC Nechbone Concert (PS)
    Mark goes with Tyler to go see a "MC Neckbone" Concert and Mark states that he knows him. Mark and Tyler try to get into the dressing room for the party but can not get in. Can they get in? Also, Vanessa and Geneva give Nicole a make over.

  11. The Bachelor Party (PS)
    The wedding is almost here and the bachelor and the bacheloret party is planed out. Tyler promised Nicole to get a picture at Mark's party to prove that Tyler was invited. Mark made Ervin plan out the party but he planed the wrong party and Vanessa is not having a good time at her bacheloret party. Vanessa also expects mark is having a greater time so she ditches her party and goes to Mark's bachelor party. Unfortunatly Mark went to Vanessa's party so both of them are at a different party. Can they both find each other in time?

  12. The Last Episode
    a.k.a. The Personals
    a.k.a. The 100th Episode
    Mark and Vanessa are planning to have their pictures being taken in the park days before the wedding day. Vanessa was in her bridal gown while Mark played a joke and dressed up in a squirrel suit. Nicole and Tyler are singing at the party after the wedding. But, they have to find a song that will satisfy Mark and Vanessa. Vanessa has a sore throat and feels that Mark does not love her any more. So, Vanessa plans to put her ad in the personals and see if Mark could find her. Mark has to respond to the right lady and see if Vanessa is the right one. Mark has a problem because there are 14 ads in the paper that are just like Vanessa. So, Mark decides to respond to all the 14 ads and tell them to meet Mark at a restaurant and Mark would be wearing a red rose. Vanessa has another problem, Vanessa gets 90 responses from her ad and does not know which one is Mark's. Finally, Mark does meet Vanessa but 14 other women show up. Mark sends Earvin in as a decoy and Earvin gets in a fight with 14 women. Vanessa finds out about Mark's plan and demands a reason from Mark so that their relationship would not break up. Mark finally gets back with Vanessa and "they lived happily ever after".
    At the end Mark and the cast members says good-bye to the camera and thanks the audience and viewers for a wonderful 5 seasons and 100 episodes.
    ABC cancelled the show and showed the 5th season during the summer of '97. (Also ABC showed the last episode on August 30, 1997, the same night Princess Diana died. With "ABC NEWS 12-Hour Special Reports" coming in throughout the last episode, people in the Pacific Time Zone did not see the last episode and ABC did not show the last epiode again.)

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