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Introduction to the show

People who have contributed to this page

About this page

The Cast

The characters from the show and the actors who play them. Complete with information from the Internet Movie Database.

The Crew

With links to the Internet Movie Database. There are many more crew members who aren't included here.

Picture Gallery

Only seven pictures so far. If YOU have any pictures from the show or of the actors, please send them to me!

Mark and the others sitting in the sofa: cooper3.jpg (22 kB)
Same as above but bigger: cooper2.jpg (41 kB)
Mark and Vanessa in an elevator: marknvan.jpg (12 kB)
Holly Robinson Peete: holly_fr.jpg (14.8 kB)
Raven-Symone: symone.gif (6.7 kB)
Vanessa in the kitchen: vanessa8.jpg (31.0 kB)
Mark: cooper_large.jpg (19.6 kB)


Here are the theme songs and various other sounds from "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper". If you've got any more - please send them to me!

Quotes from the show

Send me your favourite quotes and I'll put them here!

The "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper" Quiz

The quiz is not finished, I'll add more questions as soon as I come up with them. There are no prices. This is just to test yourself. Enjoy!

Episode Guide

The episode guide contains titles and summaries of nearly all episodes ever made (Well, not really...). Have you ever wondered what happened in those episode you missed on TV? And maybe you have a hard time to remember the first episode? How did P.J. come in to the series? And where did Robin go? Here, you'll get the answers!

Be careful! Serious spoiler warning!

Contribute to the episode guide! Write a summary!

News and gossip about the show and the actors

I'd be glad to receive any news about the show (premiers, future developments, inside information etc), gossip about the actors and anything else that relates to the show.
Send me some mail and tell me what you know!
Or fill out this simple form!

Air times for Hangin' with Mr. Cooper

You can help me out by telling me when the show is broadcast in your country. Just mail me!

Vanessa Hanging with Mr. Cooper is broadcast as follows:

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This is the homepage for the show on the Virtual Lot, which is maintained by Warner Bros., the production company.
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The greatest database for movies and television series on the net, the Internet Movie Database. Here, you can read the entry for HwmC.
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Related information

Raven-Symone's very own homepage. It features pictures, complete biography, e-mail address and address to her "fun club". For all you out there sending me love letters meant for Raven-Symone!
An article on Mark Curry in The Record Online
Toni Yates of WB 17 News at Ten interviews Omar Gooding
Golden State Warriors
This is the team that Mark used to play for in the series. A fan page with links to other Warriors pages.
Oakland Public Schools
A Page for all public schools in Oakland.
The City of Oakland Home Page
The Official Homepage for the city of Oakland, the city where the series takes place.
A newsgroup on TV situation comedies (created by yours truly).


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Introduction * Cast * Crew * Pictures * Sounds * Quotes
Quiz * Episode guide * News * Air times * Other pages
Related info. * Guestbook * Newsletter * About this page

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