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Season 6-7 Quotes

"For a man who doesn't like violence, you certainly know alot about it."
R.T. Hines - Tough Boys

"Bold and nosy. I'm famous for that."
MacGyver - Tough Boys

"Discipline's only a crime when it's enforced by somebody with the sensitivity and judgment of a rock."
MacGyver - Tough Boys

"I'm not gonna take it in the back, and I'm not gonna take it laying down, so you're just gonna have to shoot me face to face! I can't believe I said that..."
MacGyver - Humanity

"Human nature. I do something nice for you, you do something nice for me, like not kill me. Next thing you know, we're friends."
MacGyver - Humanity

"If I didn't get you turned around the venom would've gone straight to your heart, assuming you have one."
MacGyver - Humanity

"Don't thank me. I was born a warm and wonderful human being."
Pete - The Gun

"A thousand down, only a hundred million to go."
MacGyver - The Gun

"Just setting up a program here, it's uh, very complicated stuff."
MacGyver - The Wall

"You can't outsmart computer imaging."
Pete - The Wall

"I'm an expert on the subject. One day I'll educate you. A lesson in evil, you might say."
Dr. Zito - Lesson in Evil

"Evil cannot be beaten simply by confronting it."
Zito - Lesson in Evil

"Evil never plays fair. That's why it will always win."
Zito - Lesson in Evil

"It was all part of Harry's lesson; that success isn't a matter of how much you've got, its how well you live."
MacGyver - Harry's Will

"Why couldn't he have just died like everybody else? No, not Harry - he's too stubborn."
Cody - Harry's Will

"You carry secrets, each of you; wounds on your souls. The wounds will only heal if you trust in each other."
Dr. Destiny - MacGyver's Women

"Like cowboys, who are faithful to their horse, but not with a woman."
Maria - MacGyver's Women

"I've got something to say about all of this.... and, I'm going to bed."
MacGyver - MacGyver's Women

"Someday I'll learn to drive on the Interstate."
MacGyver - Bitter Harvest

"Sounds like it could mean paying jobs for these folks - I think that's more important than chasing after little green men, don't you?"
Sheriff - The Visitor

"Ya gotta wonder."
MacGyver - The Visitor

"You're both travelling on the same path, and she seems to know the road!"
Mama Colton - Squeeze Play

"There's some things it's just not right to put a price on."
Novus Riley - Squeeze Play

"What they told us about Americans before glastnost, about how all of you are selfish monsters, is totally bogus."
Nikolai - Jerico Games

"I'm not trying to be mysterious about it, it's just that what I do is tough to explain."
MacGyver - Jerico Games

"Somehow, in the corner of my mind as I was going down, I knew you'd show up. You're always on time."
Willis - The Wasteland

Phoenix is a public interest foundation; it sticks it's nose in all kinds of places."
Laura - The Wasteland

"It is the universal truth; he who has the gun asks the questions."
Nicholas Von Leer - The Eye Of Osiris

"Well maybe if you weren't such a dragon lady you'd have a partner to do those things for you."
Dent - High Control

"Well maybe if there weren't so many sociopaths like you running around, we could afford partners."
Montana - High Control

"There are no great things to accomplish in this life, just small things done with great love."
Rachel quoting Fr. Jim - There But For The Grace

"The only difference between you and me is a little bit of luck."
MacGyver - There But For The Grace

"Pete, I'll be your eyes, you be my hands."
MacGyver - Blind Faith

"I remember one day, we spent a whole morning just looking at a rainbow, yeah... just looking."
Pete - Blind Faith

"I have a terrific idea, why don't you just slam a door on their leg. That ought to get their attention."
Faith - Faith, Hope & Charity

"It's just two old ladies and a gimp!"
Gorman - Faith, Hope, and Charity

"I don't understand you, Leo. You keep saying how you like the air up here. Why do you spoil it with those cancer sticks?"
Faith - Faith, Hope & Charity

"Goodbye, MacGyver. Rest in pieces!"
Murdoc - Strictly Business

"Why don't you say your prayers now. That is, if you can remember any."
Murdoc - Strictly Business

"If I had some duct tape, I could fix that."
Murdoc - Strictly Business

"Better death through chemistry, that's what I always say."
Murdoc - Strictly Business

"The death of MacGyver, scene one, Action."
Murdoc - Strictly Business

"One man's terrorist is another man's patriot."
Whitecloud - Trail of Tears

"There are many things your world could learn from ours."
Standing Wolf - Trail of Tears

"MacGyver, we are friends we've been friends, but you have never really needed me."
Pete - Hind Sight

"Yeah, sure. You come up with the brains and I provide the paychecks."
Pete - Hind Sight

"It appears that the military look is in. Of course, I have more accessories."
Murdoc - Obsessed

"Walk in love, walk in service, and you will walk in honor, my beloved son, Angus."
Ian M'Iver - Good Knight, MacGyver

"Only a fool is sure of anything, a wise man keeps on guessing."
MacGyver quoting Harry - The Stringer