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I think Mr.T is helluva tough. Do You?

But Beware. MR.T is helluva tough guy, you are not. DO not attempt to imitate him.
This is the place where I share my opinions and insight with the world, as do my friends

My opinion page (updated 7th October)
A picture of captain Black for your personal enjoyment
(Absolutely not a secret link to the most evil place on the internet which has recently been updated (29/03/04)
A picture of me! (playing the bassoon)
I enjoy abusing people with shakespearian insults
The A-Team Rocks
Captain Scarlet is cool, as are you if you watch the A-Team.

Daily defying the constraints of reason, normality and tight underwear.
Now 87% free of common sense
Uncle James is back, and more grumpy and insulting than ever. UPDATED 15/04/04!!!
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NEW !!! CBS FORMAL 2002. (this is what you came here for right) All the news and glamour from the big night. Plus some malicious lies I made up myself!
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