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Cost of a "Free Kitten"
Up for adoption: rescued kitten, female 10 weeks old. Personable and loving. Has initial vaccinations/deworming, feline leuk/fiv negative. Adoption donation of $50 (includes spay surgery). Email
Why adult cats make great pets!
Mantras to Live By
What you should know
about declawing.
Pick a scratching post that your cat will love!
Female cat for adoption : fixed, tested all neg, all shots , adoption fee is $75
Havanha a really neat girl-she talks to you and is a great sleeping buddy. She holds your hand and more :) Strictly to be indoors, she gets along with dogs (as long as they have been with cats and not too high energy level ), not sure about with other cats. You can barely see in the pic, she has a white arrow on her lower belly. Email
How to trim your cat's claws.
Look Away
It is estimated that unowned, free-roaming cats supply 70% of the kittens to U.S. households and contribute to the millions of cats that are euthanized yearly.
Declawing is not a permanent manicure
Declawing is a toe amputation at the third digit of a cat's toe. It is very painful, and most consider it mutilation. Declawing is ILLEGAL or banned in over 20 countries. Instead, trim the sharp tips off, which prevents damage and scratches.
Read Jim Willis'
"How Could You?"
Trim your cat's claws to prevent scratches and furniture damage.
What you should know about declawing.
Pick a scratching post that your cat will love
There are many shelters and animal rescues in the Orlando and Central Florida area where you can adopt your new cat or kitten from. Pet adoption from an animal rescue, animal shelter, or humane society (not a pet store) is the humane way to aquire your new cat or dog.

Sorrow: Pets for sale at pet shops come from puppy/kitten mills which keep animals in despicable conditions. 

Make a difference: Pet adoption at a shelter or rescue group helps save one of the millions of unwanted animals that are euthanized in this country every year.

Convenience: Rescue/shelter cats and dogs almost always come vaccinated and neutered, litter box trained, dewormed, deflead, and tested. They're better than free!

Not Convinced?: Click on the puppy at the bottom of the page to go to the puppy mill campaign.