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Hi Everyone! I just participated in a 24-hour food fast, and found out some shocking facts about hunger. Did you know that every 3.6 seconds, a person starves to death? How about this one: 75% of those people and just little kids under 5 years old. That nearly made me cry. I asked an expert what I could do to help, and she directed me to this site: By making this your homepage, you could save lives. It has a little button that you click, and the site's sponsors donate food to hungry people around the world. You can only make one donation per day, but by making one each day, think of the lives you could save. Click on this banner to help the hungry!!

Save the Hungry!

Meg's Kittikat Cattery and Puppydog Palace

By the way, if u have any questions and you just happen to be online, I have the AOL instant messenger, so IM me! My screen name is CrAyZiEBaBZiE! Just don't try to email me at, cuz i don't have an AOL account. Thanx!! =+)

Due to large school workloads, my show page will have to be put on hold. There will be no shows for a while, unless someone is willing to help me with this site. To look at jobs you can do to help me out, please take a look at my Help Me Page.

Okay, guys, I need your help. I am in a little contest thing, and I need all of you to help me out. Just click the button right below this message, please, and then you can click the "back" button on your browser and keep on doing whatever you were doing. I REALLY need the help, so please give me a hand. Thanks sooo much!! =+) P.S. Thanks everyone whos been helping me by clicking these, its really helping me out!!~Meg

Hi! Welcome to Kittikat Cattery and Puppydog Palace!

I plan to donate as much time as I can to this site,
so come back soon to check up on what I've done!

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Hi, I'm Squints, and I'm one of the mascots of this site.
I help Meg judge shows and help out with troubled catz at the hotel and vet center.
The other mascot/model here is my son, Hugs.

(By the way, I am in charge of taking entries for my new show, so get your owner to sign you up!)

Hi, I'm Hugs! I'm the head model here at Kittikat Cattery.
I will model downloadz as soon as we
get some and I also tell you about things that are in the Cattery's future.
My two major jobs are the shows and the modeling,
and I need more models to help me.
Be sure to check out the modeling section for more modeling info.

The hotel is up and running, I have some petz for adoption in my
Adoption Agency, and my new show is taking entries!
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    I intend to have a huge download center, but thats not finished yet.
    This icon is a link to the Petz gallery, so be sure to check it out for downloadz!
    (Put your mouse over the pic for a bigger explanation.)

    Sorry, My download section isn't fully complete yet.  I've added this link to the Petz Gallery for now, and I'll be adding more later.  Be sure to check this site out- its got some great playscenes, toyz, clothing and catz breeds!

    Do you like my site? What would you like to see me put on it?
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