Jacksonville, FL -- The Landing
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The Hooters of Jacksonville in The Landing has one of the most beautiful settings I have seen at any restaurant, much less a Hooters.  Set in the small tourist-based shopping complex, The Landing, in downtown Jacksonville, the rather spacious restaurant overlooks the St. John's River with many tables both inside and along the riverwalk.  With the towering Jacksonville financial district out of view, this relaxing setting gives a real feel for the laid back style of Florida while still being in a major bustling city.  The first time I visited this location was during the after lunch lull while I was waiting for someone... they were very accomodating and I ended up sitting there chatting with several of the waitresses for four hours.  The second time was just recently where I met a group of people there for dinner and drinks and while we had a wonderful time, our waitress was apparently having a really bad day and it reflected in her service and demeanor.  These pictures are from my most recent visit to this location in which a friend of mine brought along his new digital camera.  Our waitress, Kelly, didn't mind us sticking around at all (and we tipped her for that luxury) so we snapped a few along the way.  Enjoy!


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