Natural Sciences Department

Physical Sciences Unit
PHY 4504/40011
Course Title: General Physics II

Students' test Results: Exam #1  High School level test #1 
Lecture M, W 12:30 pm1:45 pm Room A513 Instructor: Prof. Vasiliy S Znamensky
WEB Site:
Office hours: M,W, 4:00pm-4:30pm or by appointment

Rec or Lab 02:00 pm2:50 pm
03:00 pm3:50 pm
Course Description: Study of waves and acoustics, optics, diffraction, electricity, D.C. circuits, magnetism, electromagnetism and their application, power and A.C. circuits, and elements of atomic theory. Offered for transfer students in the physical sciences and engineering.
Required textbooks: Textbook: Sears and Zemansky's University Physics With Modern Physics , By: Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman (Addison-Wesley, 11th edition)

Lab Manual:

Introductory Physics. Laboratory Manual. (Hostos Bookstore)


JAVA simulations -> Wave, Transverse Wave and Longitudinal Wave , Mechanical Waves , Virtual Labs & Simulations, Vibration and Waves .

Course Description: General Physics II

Upon successful course completion, the student will learn about: This outcome will be assessed by one or more of the following
Mechanical Wave and Wave Interference and Sound Waves, Light Propagation, and Optics (Lab 1) Lab experiment using standing waves on a strings. Tests on wave interference and normal modes. Students will be tested on the theory of traveling and standing waves, and polarization by reflection.

Electromagnetic Waves and the Electric Field

(Lab 2) Lab experiment applying the principles of reflection, diffraction and dispersion. Selected tests to reflect the student's understanding of electric field interactions between charged particles. Calculations of electric fields caused by various distributions of electric field.
Gauss's Law and the Electric Potential (Lab 3) Lab experiment that cover the diffraction grading and Interference
Electromotive Force (Lab 4) Lab experiment in electrostatic and the potential electrostatic field
Kirchhoff's Law (Lab 5) Lab experiment using the oscilloscope and the construction of RC circuits.
Electromagnetic Induction and Magnetic Field (Lab 6) Lab experiment the student learns to produce an electric current by electromagnetic induction. Students will be able to demonstrate Faraday's law of induction and Lenz's law. Students will be tested on Kirchhoff's loop rule for circuit analysis, Inductance and Inductors,
Alternating Current (Lab 7) Lab experiment using RCL circuits and resonance and the use of transformers.





1Mechanical Waves15, JAVA simulations -> Wave
Transverse Wave and Longitudinal Wave
Mechanical Waves , basic formulae
Exercises:15.*0     Homework
2Sound and Hearing16, Doppler: #1, #2 . Beats2. Timbre . Exercises:16.*0     Homework
The Nature and Propagation of Light33.1-33.3, Key Terms and formulae: 33.1, 33.2, 33.3Exercises:33.*0     Homework
Lab 1
3 Dispersion33.4-33.7, Key Terms and formulae:33.4Exercises:33.*0     Homework
Geometric Optics end Optical Instruments34Exercises:34.*0     Homework
4 Interference 35Exercises:35.*0     Homework
Diffraction 36Exercises:36.*0     Homework
Electric Charge and Electric Field 21 Lecture, 18 October 2006, Physics Online Guide Exercises:21.*0     Homework
(Lab 2)
5 Gauss Law 22, Physics Online Guide

Exercises:22.*0     Homework

6 Electric Potential 23   Problems Exercises:23.*0     Homework
(Lab 3)
Exam Preparation, Exam 1 Students' Points
7 Capacitance and dielectrics 24  Problems

Exercises:24.*0     Homework

8 Current, Resistance, and Electromotive Force 25  Problems Exercises:25.*0     Homework
(Lab 4)
9 Direct ?Current Circuits 26  Problems Exercises:26.*0     Homework
10Magnetic Field and Magnetic Force27

Exercises:27.*0     Homework
(Lab 5)
Exam 2

11Sources of Magnetic Field 28Exercises:28.*0
12Electromagnetic Induction29Exercises:29.*0
Inductance 30Exercises:30.*0
(Lab 6)

Alternating Current



14Transformers 31.6Exercises:31.*0
(Lab 7)
Exam 3
15Electromagnetic Waves32 Exercises:32.*0
16Review Review

FINAL EXAM (Date and time will be announced prior to the final examination week)

Graded assignments:
The Final grade will be determined by the grades on lecture and lab combined as follows:
  • Lecture 80%
  • 4 Partial Exams 50%
  • 5 Quizzes 10%
  • Final Exams 20%
  • Laboratory 20%
  • Lab Reports 20%
  • Total Grade Course 100%
No student under any circumstances will be given a passing grade in this Physics course without taking and passing the laboratory.
Four (4) unexcused absences to lab are equivalent to an F.
Policy Grade:
The college uses the following grades:
  • A,A- for excellent work
  • B+, B, for good work
  • B- C, for fair work
  • D, for poor work
  • F, for failure
  • I, for incomplete
  • WU, for unfinished incomplete, equivalent to F
  • W, for withdrawn
The grade of Incomplete (I) is given in regular courses upon request of the student for personal emergencies that are verifiable. The faculty member has the responsibility to provide Inc grade only to those students who are passing the course. The student has the responsibility to take the initiative in completing the work, and is expected to make up the incomplete during the first semester in residence after receiving the grade of Incomplete. If the student does not make up the incomplete during the following semester after receiving it, an F grade may be given by the faculty member without further consultation with the student.
If after the end of the first semester the Inc remains on the record it will be designated as an F and will be computed in the student's GPA.
  • A 93-100
  • A- 90-92
  • B+ 87-89
  • B 83-86
  • B- 80-82
  • C+ 77-79
  • C 70-76
  • D 60-69
  • F Failure
There is no R grade in this course.
Lecture and Lab
Your participation in class is an important part of the final grade. This grade is based primarily on your participation in class discussions, in team projects and your attendance. For each class you miss, you will lose participation points. If you miss 25% or more of the term, you will be failed. Academic policies: Hostos Community College has an evaluation system based o the honesty and integrity of the academic work an identified student or students. Faculty, students and staff have the responsibility to uphold the standards of the community and to take action when others violate them. Faculty members have an obligation to educate students to the standards of academic integrity, and to report violations of these standards to the appropriate authorities of the college. If a community member is proved with academic dishonesty, the college will impose sanctions. The three most common forms of academic dishonesty are cheating, plagiarism, and bribery. It must be understood that any student who knowingly aids in plagiarism or other cheating, e.g., allowing another student to copy a paper or examination question, is as guilty as the cheating student
Cheating: In the collegiate setting, cheating is defined as the purposeful misrepresentation of another's work as one's own. Faculty and students alike are responsible for upholding the integrity of this institution by not participating either directly or indirectly in act of cheating and by discouraging others from doing so. Plagiarism: Plagiarism is a form of cheating which occurs when persons, even if unintentionally, fail to acknowledge appropriately the sources for the ideas, language, concepts, inventions, etc. referred to in their own work. Thus, any attempt to claim another's intellectual or artistic work as one's own constitutes an act of plagiarism.
Bribery: In the collegiate setting, bribery involves the offering, promising, or giving of items of value, such as money or gifts, to a person in a position of authority, such as a teacher, administrator, or staff member, so as to influence his/her judgment or conduct in favor of the student. The offering of sexual favors in exchange for a grade, test score, or other academic favor, shall be considered attempted bribery. The matter of sexual favors, either requested or offered, in exchange for a grade, test score or other academic favor shall also be handled as per the Sexual Harassment procedures of the College.

Open-Door Policy:

If any difficulties or problems arise in this course that interfere in any way with your learning or optimum performance, we would very much like to hear about it. Please stop by to see any of the instructors in this course at any time with any matter that you'd like to discuss. We will do our best to deal with problems promptly and effectively. We also appreciate hearing about the course from students, and we encourage you to come by and chat any time you'd like to. Please get in touch with us in person or by e-mail: Our doors are open!

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