Judy's Fobi Pouch Page

Judy's Fobi Pouch Page

This page is devoted to my experience with the Fobi Pouch.

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First Time Visitors: Please bookmark this page. Please read through all the information on this web site. Many questions can be answered from this web site.

LATEST NEWS - May, 2002

Still working to resolve the issues with Geocites.

Look for new updates and pictures on Judy & Hilary and details on our newest edition to the Fobi Family in the next 30 days.

For Those Looking for a List of Other Support Groups

hint: there are MD's listed here that perform the surgery

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The site has been updated a bit. Rather than beginning with what we look like and feel today, the links below begin with our journey. Some of the updates and photos are of Judy and Hilary together.

Judy's Story

Here are some before pictures of Judy

Some background on Judy and her battle with obesity

Here are a few pictures during Judy's hospital stay

Click Here for the first photos of Judy's SMALL INCISION

Here is the latest on Judy's SMALL INCISION -- including PICTURES

Click Here for a brief message from Judy

Judy's Four Week Update

Judy's Update at Six Weeks Post-Op

Judy's 11-Week Post-Op Update

Judy's 15-Week Post-Op Update

Judy's 5-Month Post-Op Update

Judy's 6-Month Post-Op Update

1999 Holiday Pictures

Judy's Nine-Month Update - New Pictures

Here are some pictures of us together

Judy's 11-Month Update

Judy & Hilary's Updates for June, 2000

Judy's 22-month Post-Op Update

Judy's Two-Year Post-Op Update

Hilary's Story

Hilary Gets A Surgery Date -- Here's some information on Hilary

Hilary's Before Pictures

Hilary's Two Week Post-Op Update

Hilary's 6-Week Post-Op Update

Hilary's 4-Month Post-Op Update

Hilary's Five Month Update - No Pictures

Hilary's Six Month Update - No Pictures

Hilary's Seven Month Update

Hilary's 9-Month Update

Hilary's 20-Month Update

Hilary's Two-Year Update

Other Forms of Gastric Bypass Surgery in the News


Dr. Fobi in the News

Dr. Fobi on CNN

Dr. Fobi Has a Web Site

Click Here a Dr. Fobi Official Web Site

Click Here for Another Dr. Fobi Official Web Site

Information from Dr. Fobi's Office

Considering Surgery?

Prospective Patients

About Center for Surgical Treatment of Obesity

What is a Panniculetomy?

Doing Research?

A very helpful site

Last Update May 23, 2002

WebMaster -- My Daughter, Hilary

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