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First we must define FREEMASONRY

Freemasonry is a body of people involved in processes involving Morals and Self-Enlightenment via a multi-layered ceremonial system, and Charitable works. All are controlled by a Governing Body having a Constitution, local By-Laws and Rituals. Customs and specific Locales will cause differences, one from the other.

1. MORALs are those of a Monastic Order, whereas

2. SELF-ENLIGHTENMENT are those of a Brotherhood.

Freemasonry has within it, since 1718, a conflict between 1. and 2. above as to which has the ascendency. There is no final answer, hence the continuance of the conflict.

Future NOW

Change and evolution are transitions, which may be implemented at once, yet transitions actually play out over longer periods and involve lots of practice and acceptance. Change and evolution must NOT change Landmarks, for if that occurs, then the original is lost. For Freemasonry, Morals and Education are Primary Landmarks.

The most dramatic virus effecting "Change and evolution" is the Human who lacks self-knowledge, sometimes called "inferiority", due to lack of real knowledge, which causes insecurity of tenure.

The "Future NOW" environment (Current time)

The new environment - the technological and cultural territory we have moved into - forces a learning of new skills FAST. Communication NOW by-passes the old "normal" governing systems. A decision fifty (50) years old is ancient, unless a Landmark. Pyramid government systems are by-passed, even when they cannot conceive of it. Trying to cope with this "Future NOW" environment has left governing bodies dysfunctional and frighteningly for them. They become isolated without even realising it.

The old frontiers which existed within controlled boundaries by regular governing bodies have long since disappeared. The "Future NOW" frontiers have no boundaries and, at present, no controls other than those of the old Landmarks of Morals and Knowledge.

This is both an exciting and dangerous period for whether all governing bodies can, so-called, catch-up will mean either their demise or continuity within the new environment.

A country was defined largely by its citizens, sharing a common notion, with a common loyalty to national ideals. The "Future NOW" environment eliminates those common loyalties and national ideals, eg., European Union v. "ancient" England, or Germany, or Ireland, etc.

Decision makers are dramatically divided into two groups:
1.  the "Future NOW", and
2.  the "ancients".

Just as the Old "Moderns" (of London) were forced to unite or be left on the scrap heap of the future, so the "ancients" of today must change to survive.

The "Future NOW" mason is a fluid corporate entity having a "mother" unit, yet seeing no boundary. The old - corporate entities and governing bodies - are left behind in their ancient knowledge of Usages and Customs.

The future of the "Future NOW" environment (Ten years hence)

The Self-Enlightened will fully achieve a Global Role, while retaining the Landmarks - Morals and Education. Downsizing of governing bodies will naturally occur as the Global Role moves into place. The embellishments so common today, must also be devolved to their true level, such is the Future of Survival.

Brethren, the Future is in your hands.  Be careful.  Think first.

Prepared by:
WBro. Graeme Love, PJGD, MPS
President HRC
28th April, 2001

"Upsizing the Individual in the Downsized Organization" Johansen/Swigart. 1994


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