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A Note to the Reader
Mediocrity is a state everyone goes through as a prelude to every endeavor they choose to pursue. In my case, I chose to write. As I went through the process of doing so, I unearthed every possible pain one could experience as I picked on every detail that made everything I have witnessed in life worth narrating. Thatís not to say that I have finished doing so. I have yet a long way to go, for every single day brings about new pains, and joys too, to discover and to write about. To write is to live; I realized that to be a writer does not involve shutting yourself out from the rest of the world with your PC. Writing involves getting scraped by every sharp object that you experience, getting drenched by the juices of every dew that drops upon you as you travel through the Wilderness of Existence. I write about the things, people and circumstances that move me. These things need not be complicated or monumental. It could be about the last cup of coffee Iíve had, the last person Iíve texted, or the last time I went to the potty. I believe that everyone has the ability to perform miracles, with the use of a pen and a piece of paper. Give me these things and I shall lose myself in the process of poignant reminisce of seconds, hours, maybe years of innumerable experiences that has graced me be it joyous, exorbitant, simple, painful, passionate, embarrassing or even fictuous. Those experiences and the ones I am bound to have still are opportuned to be preserved forever on paper.
To the reader, I hope that this compilation does not pass on without effect. It does not have to be the kind that etches my influences upon your beliefs. The mere push that gets people to experience Life, and to share these experiences in any mode they choose, will justify my reasons for making this assemblage. Through this inspiration, I know that though unremembered, I shall live on forever.


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Name: Teejay Lactao


If you have any comments, suggestions and reactions about my work, feel free to post it on MY MESSAGE BOARD. I'm also encouraging people to post their own works. You're welcome to share your ideas that have anything to do with writing.