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I work as Director of Public Theology for Australian Evangelical Alliance.

This the EA web site for the Australian Election 2007 but which also continues on as a 'Faith and Politics' site.

I also teach regularly at
Macquarie Christian Studies Institute at Macquarie University.

I completed my M.Div, done partly at Ridley College (Anglican) in Victoria and at Morling College (Baptist) in Eastwood, New South Wales, Australia.

Dick Cheney on whether America should go into Iraq...

More about me and my family.

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Social and Political Theory and Issues

The Lord's Supper in Stained Glass by Chris Powers

The Lord's Supper in Stained Glass by Chris Powers

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"The most difficult time to be a witness to the gospel of peace is precisely when that witness is most needed."

Faith and Work
When you're thinking about the other six days a week...

Dead Apologists' Society
A discussion group on theology and culture.

Frustrated by the lack of opportunity for grappling with issues of theology and culture in their local congregations, Simon Bibby, Murray Thornhill, Matt Malcolm, Ian Packer and Steve McAlpine started the Dead Apologists' Society in 1999. The Dead Apologists' Society is a group of Christians who meet regularly together to discuss issues of Christian faith in the context of contemporary Western culture. We hope to stimulate other Christians, especially 'lay people', to think through the implications of their faith in everyday life, whether by joining us or starting similar groups in their own locale.

Please visit our home page for updates, archives and resources.

Ecclesial Visions
A group for imaginative theological discussion of critical issues in Ecclesiology... with particular interest in the Kingdom of God, Ethics, Eschatology, Trinitarian Theology, Culture, and Christian Common Life.

This group is also interested in questions of Politics, Philosophy, Technology and Sociology -- particularly the vexed questions of Modernity and Postmodernity -- and how these relate to Ecclesial issues.

While strongly influenced by the Anabaptist tradition, this group is open to the contributions of others whether they be Reformed, Orthodox, Catholic or other contributions.

Tell us your story and experiences! We hope you can join us on-line and that maybe this (for those who so wish) can even lead to fruitful meetings face-to-face.


Anabaptist Association of Australia and New Zealand

The Association is the initiative of Christians from a variety of denominational backgrounds who have been influenced by the Anabaptist tradition. The Association exists for the purposes of support, networking and resourcing individuals and groups in Australia and New Zealand who identify with the Anabaptist tradition.

What is Anabaptism?

Zadok Institute for Christianity and Society

The Zadok Institute for Christianity and Society is an independent Christian organisation whose mission is to promote informed theological reflection, especially by lay people, on contemporary issues in Australian society, and to bring Christian perspectives into public debate.

The Ekklesia Project

The Ekklesia Project is an affiliation of Christians drawn from a wide range of Christian traditions including scholars, pastors, leaders and writers. The Ekklesia Project is envisioned as a means to provide coherence, leadership and vision to some of the still developing, occasionally inchoate, stirrings of discontent and reappraisal within the Christian community, particularly concerning the limits of the so-called Constantinian bargain that compromises the Gospel in order to cultivate good relations with secular institutions of political, economic and social power. By calling attention to the Body of Christ as our 'first family' in the world, we aim to put discipleship and a picture of the ekklesia as an alternative community of practices, worship and integration at the center of contemporary debates on Christianity and society. This is the vision we share and the reality we seek.

"House Churches"


Ship of Fools

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