Hate Mail That I Get From Stupid People

This is where I get my hate mail and how I respond back by handing people's asses back to them.

From: "Amanda Huggenkiss" (scubbyisnotaword@hotmail.com)
To: ihateallthings1@yahoo.com
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 16:44:38 +1000


First up, I just want to say, I am NOT going to tell you how much your site sucks by swearing at you. Instead, I will tell you exactly WHY your site sucks. Let me make it easier for you to comprehend by making it into a story.

Today I was trying to find funny sites with the same wit and humour of Maddox and NinjaPirate (Thilo). Well, I stumbled onto your site and thought, "Let's give it a go. This is the way I found Thilo's site after all." Well, that was one of the most stupid ideas I've ever had in my life. That is next to the time I ate frozen chocolate cake straight from the freezer, even though it had green icing, when I specifically remeber it being orange when it went into the freezer after Halloween. Your writing is is exactly the same as Maddox and Thilo's. Either Maddox and Thilo have done articles on: bathrooms, hippies, masterbating, MTV, dancing, "real men" and what they eat, eating people as punishment and much, much more. Also, you are a regular person. Why pretend to be somethng you're not (A CIA agent, loser!). That's ripping off them aswell.

You are 14, no-one cares what you think (I should know, I'm 14 myself). Also, a good article is made up by good content. You do not automatically write good articles by rambling on about what you hate, expressing your feelings with swearing and big words. It is weak to have to swear every 2 words. Don't get me wrong, swearing rocks, but it just sounds shit being used every fucking second word of your shitty articles that only pussies read. See how crap taht whole sentence sounded? I've made my point. Writing in this manner is the equivelant of a little kid wearing his dad's suit and all the family crowding round with their cameras saying "Oh, how cute."


That's all I have to say, dickhead.

If your going to copy someone's site, atleast add some originality of your own, like this guy Thilo: www.ninjapirtate.com


Note: Before you say, "What kind of wanky name is that?" It's not my real name, dipshit.

If I have no right to tell people how to act or what to do, then neither do you, Amanda. I just love it when people send me hate mail. They criticize me for telling people how to be, then they tell me what to do, as if they have the right to control my life. What do you call people who do that kind of thing, you know, people don't practice what they preach? Oh yeah, they're called "hypocrites".

Other than that minor flaw in your argument, I'd say your response was pretty well thought out. That is, until I read the part that says, "You are 14, no-one cares what you think (I should know, I'm 14 myself)." Holy shit, you spend time writing me your stupid opinionated crap, and then you totally destroy your own argument. Thanks for saving me the effort of humiliating you even more. By the way, you say that "no-one cares" what I think. Well, that may be true, EXCEPT IN YOUR CASE, because you "care" enough to send me your stupid crap of a message, you asshole. By the way, I'm not 14. I just say that to give people a false sense of superiority, and it works every time. You just fell into my trap, just like every other moron who wastes time sending me their bullshit thoughts, not realizing that they won't accomplish anything by mailing me. Unless, of course, getting their ass slammed into a wall of hypocrisy would be the high point of their pathetic, unimportant existance. Dumbass hypocrite.

Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 14:52:48 +0100
From: "Richard Silvester"
To: ihateallthings1@yahoo.com

Hey u ova there wats it like to ave no hair is it hot is it cold do u wash with daz or bold u fuckin wanker?

ur mom eats big german arse

Wots ur problem? Ur fucked in the head

What the hell is this? Did people just get stupid or something? Damn it, people, learn how to write. If anyone can tolerate reading this shit, you need to be shot in the groin. As for attacking my mom, great job, asshole. Just shows how much of a pussy you are. If you're gonna attack me, then do it. Don't bring my mom into it because she has nothing to do with it. You've got to be a huge fucking coward if the only way you can respond to something that pisses you off is to attack the person's mother. To everyone else: do me a favor. Please drop this asshole a line and tell him he can suck "german arse".

Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 15:10:26 -0800 (PST)
From: "Sara Whitberg"
Subject: Maddox is better than you
To: ihateallthings1@yahoo.com

Hey dude u should stop making that website of yours. maddox is way better then u and u gotta hav one small thing if you try to wish for a biger one by eating lucky carms. your just a bad rip off.

Listen up, bitch. You don't need to restate the obvious. No shit Maddox is better. I don't need people shoving that crap down my throat, I already know. And who said I had a small dick? This is probably in response to my cereal page where I wished for an enourmous penis. I never said that my penis wasn't already huge; I just wished for a much bigger one than the gigantic monster that it already is. And I'm pretty sure that there's an "h" in the word "charms." You must be really stupid.

From: "Bradley Allen" Add to Address Book
To: ihateallthings1@yahoo.com
Subject: Dude, you think you could rip off Maddox a bit more?
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 14:37:32 -0700

You call us unoriginal? Fuck you, you little prick. Quit ripping off other peoples sites; especially when it is someone who actually has an opinion of his own.

Hey, dipshit, the only thing I ripped off was site design. I went to Maddox's site and went to see if he wrote anything on cereal, weddings, bagpipers, bathrooms, homecoming dances, MTV, or Santa Claus. The only thing that Maddox also wrote about was MTV, dancing, and hippies. That's 3 out of 39 articles. Everything else is "an opinion of my own." I put the word "unoriginal" as a pun and also to piss people off about me ripping off Maddox's design. I thought people would understand that, but I guess it's too much for your worthless mind. So what if I used his style of design? I didn't take his opinions and make it mine. I wrote those things way before I knew Maddox wrote about them because that's the way I really feel. These articles were on Maddox's old pages that I had to actually look through to find anything on my site that resembled one of his articles. Damn it, quit emailing me about how I ripped off Maddox. Thanks for your thoughful insight, dumbass. I guess you'll be graduating kindergarten after all.

Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2003 22:10:14 -0800 (PST)
From: "hwueehfh" (topazmoth@yahoo.com)
To: ihateallthings1@yahoo.com

what was the point in even making that website? did you do it to vent your anger about something else? is this your sick idea of a joke? do you need help?

seriously... half the stuff on it is made up, and is a little odd......................................


Basically, you moron, I wrote this site to piss off people like you who don't know a damn thing. First you ask "Is this your sick idea of a joke?" Yes, this is my idea of a joke, and that's another reason why I put it up in the first place, and that's why everyone whom I have shown this site to has laughed their ass off. So, it is a joke, and if you think this is "sick", then great. I love pissing people off. Next you ask "Do you need help?" Yes, I do. I need a lot of help paying off my debt to my friend who loaned me money to buy a new keyboard after I broke it by head-butting it out of anger as I read your stupid message. You are a real dumbass. Then you make the claim that "half the stuff on it is made up..." Congratulations on what may be the greatest achievement of your worthless life. NO SHIT A LOT OF MY CONTENT IS MADE UP. Like I really pulled out a shotgun and shot someone who was masturbating in the bathroom. Maybe you're the one who needs help if you can't even figure out what's a fucking joke and what's fucking real. How old are you? 6 years? Damn. I should shoot you with my laser cannon. (NOTE: I really don't have a laser cannon, you stupid fag.)

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