My Babyz
This is my Baby Kayla shes my oldest  her 2nd word was ball she loves playing with the ball lol
This is Ace my 2nd oldest Baby he loves the Teddy he has to have it to go to bed lol
Here is Mandy my 3rd oldest  she loves the ball just like Kayla  ain't she cute ???
Heres Mandy with her twin sister and brother  Right: Rachel Middle: Jared Left: Mandy
Note : These are NOT small Babyz it is just a small picutre
This is Jared as you see on the picture (down) he likes the ball just like all of his sisters lol !!!
This is my 2nd yongest her name is Rachel She loves the Ball too!! Shes very picky about her food she will only eat cookies and milk
This is Jenna she was abused poor baby now she better good thing !! I love her she soo cute
she still will only drink but loves the doll !!! 
This is Buffy  She was abused too she is very shy :o)
This is Annabella and boy can i say she has a personalty
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