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This site is about Babyz and Petz if you have no clue what I am talking about go to www.Babyz.net  or www.petz.com . If you have any Qustions or Coments E-mail me or put them in my guest book!!!
I hope you like this site!!!

above me is the sign to vote for me on the Babyz top 100 but it  don't show , please vote 4 me 
thx 4 all the votes so-far you guys are the best Thx To Every One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As Brooke{my friend} would say"Luv Yas"
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My Old Cutiez Page
Read This Caution Its Sad :o(
Entery Page
I Have to close  only for the summer you see i dont have a alot of time between camp and frrends and family (there's my bros wedding coming and i am a bridmaid) all the Babyz at school and for any other reson  at my house will be sent home thank you all for helping e make this site come alive XOXO Wendy
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