Tipz & Tricks
1.To get the white bare the magents & the potted plants press ctrl & shift down at the same time and then open the babyz game

2.to have your babyz be fed by some one but you when feeding your babyz take a picture weall leting go of the mouse

3.If you do not know how to hex look at this.....
First off, copy your clothes into another folder on your hard drive for safe-keeping in case you don't like the changes you've made!
Now...what I did was to get into my paint shop pro....create 24 bit .bmp files. I opened up my "babyz clothes" file in the paint program and then saved the new images in the file name of some that I didn't like very well or was tired of looking at!

4.If your Babyz are NOT in a good mood DON'T drop water on them but if there in a good mood go-a-head

5.If your babyz is bald it will be forever bald. Babyz do NOT grow hair, regardless of what you may have read elsewhere!

6. When using voice recognition practice, saying "stop", "bad", "no", etc. will make your babyz cry so dont use it :o(

if you have any more email
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