Machina/machines of god
My contest entry for the machina contest
This was my entry for the machina contest.  I know that it isn't 100% correct, I could be totally off.  Somehow it was good enough to be a runner up for the contest which was really flattering.  I based it on what it meant to me and I based the characters on people I knew.  June has many qualities my ex has and so fourth.  That being said, I hope you enjoy this strange answer to the mystery….
my signed by billly essay, printed out really nicely and in a nice folder.

It's a simple story of a boy named Glass, a girl named June, and the Ghost children who he loves. It's a story more complicated than we think as well. This story has been told before, millions of times. Except this one was the first written for us, the Children of Glass or C.O.G. It is a story about the depths of despair and confusion, the heights of love, the joy of finishing your dream, and everything else in between. Near the beginning of the story, Glass meets his future love, June. The first moment is described as, "we can walk around survey this moment as close to perfection as any that have ever been, to see the joy, the exalt, the arrogance." This moment is a feeling of love at first sight. Something we all wish to have and feel. In one moment, Glass and June both feel all the hope of new love that is about to erupt. Yet, they are arrogant in the way that they think nothing else can touch them. Nothing in the world can hurt them. They don't even think for a second about a realistic future. The actual future can never be known until the moment has already passed. They do not know anything about each other, yet their love for each other is unshakeable. June, Glass' love, is described as being cynical, "she had no faith but that which destroys." She only believes in things that may hurt you and other people. She has a skewed image of herself. Glass sees her as beautiful, but she sees herself as something else. She also believes that the best times of life are behind her, and that she will never get to experience them, and also that nothing good lies ahead. She is a person who shares the views of the masses of the world. They feel no good lies in our future and that everything new happened years ago. Those feelings are what plague this world. Glass, obvious enough, is a confused and despaired musician. He has seen the lowest of pits and the highest of peaks in his life. Presently, he is in a state of uncertainty. He questions everything about his life and looks for direction. "Pop tart, what's our mission, do we know? We never listen." In part II, he goes crazy with his own uncertainty. The ghost children think they know him, even though he knows they don't really know him at all. He believes this entire time that God is leading him and telling him what to do in his life. He believes in God, destiny, and fate. For all this time, he wonders if he wrote these songs, or if God was just having him sing God's songs. How can he take credit for something he was just a speaker of? "Just humming someone else's tune." Glass sits at his home, looks out at the Northern Illinois Willow tree (my favorite tree in the world), and listens to the world around him for what to do next. He listens to the radio for clues, "radio, play my favorite song… What is it you want to change?" He listens for June, and to the Ghost Children as well. Later on, Glass realizes what he must do. He must bring spark to a new awakening. This fight has been going on since modern times began, but this battle must be fought now and he must start it. The world has become a place where conformity and false emotions rule. Glass must raise the synthetic army to help people see themselves for the very first time, and allow them to feel what they want. Not what someone from Disney world tells you to feel. He figures out how to start the revolution, but is afraid of what it will mean to the ghost children, Blue skies bring tears. He decides that he must step away from the front, and let the Ghost children lead on from here. At this point, he does not believe he is worthy to fight such a fight. He also wonders if the Ghost children will be able to fight this war. Can they make a rock army like they should do? He knows that this war will never be won, it will always be a struggle. The enemy is always trying to take control of the minds of the people so they can have the power and have the people do their bidding. Glass wants the people to decide what they can feel for themselves. He believes in the power of free will. Glass' band, the Machines, are about to perform their last show together. After this time, Glass hopes that his spark will ignite the ensuing revolution. He and June spend the time before the show together. Both are anxious about the future, and about each other. Each believes that they control the other one. In truth, control is an illusion. After the show, the Machines take their instruments and they destroy them because they are no longer needed. They are stepping aside to clear the path for the next wave. To clear the path for the atom bomb. Glass and June after the show become closer than they have ever been in the past. They bask in the joy of each other and the joy of achieving their dreams. They had all been fighting this war that no one seemed to want to fight for so long, and it is time for them to take a break and see what else is in the world. The two destined lovers fill themselves with each other, nothing holding back. Later on, images from his past confront him around a table.

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