somewhere in the not so distant future, we may find a
world of not so subtle torments...for amidst the rubble of urban
decay and barren wastelands find wander a billion shattered
souls...disconnected from themselves by impersonal technologies
and personal such soul is the center of our story, and his
name is GLASS...he is the lead singer of THE MACHINES OF GOD, and he
believes that GOD itself has asked him to try to change the world...this
poses two simple questions: "what is important in a place such as this?"
and "is GLASS a prophet sage or just someone who has gone quite mad indeed?!...
but first we must go back into the decadent swirl of the
past to set the stage for what is to see, GLASS
used to be named zero, and the band the smashing pumpkins,
at least until zero convinced the band to change the name of
the group...they were the biggest band in the world, so this
was a very courageous move to day zero had been alone in
his house, quietly listening to the radio when a voice began to
speak slowly and clearly to was the voice he had heard
in his head since he was a child, but now it spoke to him thru
the radio...this voice, which came to be known as the I OF THE
RADIO, told zero that his life was predestined, and in order
to fulfill his destiny he would need to devote his life to a much
higher calling, one that would look beyond the material
trappings of the occluded world...this epiphany that he was
indeed important was a life changing and soul shattering
experience, giving him newfound confidence and spiritual
purpose...he finds sudden clarity in his spirit, but can now see the
utter shallowness of his real (and particularly)
public life...this sudden change causes many around him to distrust
where all of this is coming from...but his band stands with him
when he changes his name to GLASS and rechristens the band
the now aptly titled MACHINES OF GOD...
in his heart however, GLASS secretly questions why he has
been chosen...he is both enamoured and flattered by the idea,
but at the same time is innately resistant to the responsibilities
that this will his mind, god has aligned himself with GLASS,
and GLASS has aligned himself with god...a messenger he shall be, but is
he just a c.o.g. within another c.o.g. within another machine?...he
decides to use the instrument of his band to spread the truth of life and
that love and only love can be the our story begins with GLASS
AND THE MACHINES OF GOD at the height of their material powers, with the
most devoted fans in the world, and having just changed the name of the
band, releasing their new album, entitled MACHINA...
for years our hero has searched for his true love, the
woman of his dreams, JUNE...he called her by many names hoping
that there somewhere out there she waited for him one
night after a concert, he saw her, and right then and there
he knew he had finally found her...JUNE was his perfect reflection,
everything that he was not...she brings to him the universal
truths of life and living, and a life he has never had...
what he does not realize then is that he has fallen in love
with a reflection of himself...she embodies the darkness he can
only write about...she lives the life of flesh and bone, one
he can only think for one short period of time, our
hero once zero feels complete and whole, with god and a woman
by his side…

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