Pulp and Adventure Heroes: Links

This is a list of links I've found useful in compiling this site and which I think you might find of use as well. I'm not going to list the sites of the many dealers in pulps, juvenile adventures, and old-time-radio shows, as they are relatively easy to find. The stores that I do list that should be taken to be much better than the average. I've omitted the links that I included on the individual pages of this site.

Those sites that I've starred with a * are particularly good, in my opinion, and should be viewed first of all.

Adventure House
An excellent online bookstore for buying pulps and pulp-related material. Also good for images.

* A Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection
Michael Grost's magisterial guide to the pre-1960s mysteries, their writers and characters. Simply the best of its kind on the Web.

Alt.Pulp FAQ
The Frequently Asked Questions List to the Usenet newsgroup Alt.Pulp. A good introduction to the genre.

Artist Biographies
Bios of various prominent comic strip artists. From the quite-good Comic Art & Graffix Gallery Virtual Museum & Encyclopedia.

Authors Index Page of the Ultimate Mystery Fiction Web Guide
A very thorough, but sadly outdated (last updated at the end of 1998!) list of mystery authors and sites devoted to them. Part of the Ultimate Mystery/Web Guide.

* Brian Misiazek's Introduction to the Pulps
An outstanding, in-depth introduction to the genre. Designed for role-playing, but of interest to the experienced reader, as well.

Children's Literature Ring
The Web Ring of KidLit sites.

* Collecting Books and Magazines
A very good Aussie site on children's books and series whose depths I have only begun to plumb.

A good guide to various cliffhanger serials, including a history of the genre and some nice images.

Created By...
For when you can't remember which author(s) created which character(s).

Crime Fiction Database
Good short guides to several dozen mystery writers and characters, with links to most of them.

Current Contents
The e-texts of five pulps from 1929 through 1950.

The Curved Sabre
The best site for Harold Lamb information on the Web, and a damn good job of it they do, too.

Damon's Pulp Page
A decent page with a variety of links and some interesting illustrations.

Femme Fatales
Ignore the misuse of the phrase in the title. (It should be "Femmes Fatale") This is an entertaining look at various pulp females.

* German Cinema
A well-done page on German films, with a good selected bibliography and descriptive filmography.

Girls' Series Web Page
A good guide to over a dozen girls' series.

Glossary of Terms
A glossary of terms from and about the pulp genre. From the Adventure House site.

* The Great Series Book Links Page
I am as loathe as any other magician to show how my tricks are done, but this assemblage of links to juvenile adventure series is too good for me to leave out.

Greg Swan's Hero Pulp Literature Homepage
Indices, information and links to the Shadow, the Spider, Perry Rhodan, Tarzan, Doc Savage, Operator #5, the Phantom Detective, G-8, Captain Future, and Secret Agent X. Not loads of information, but some that you might find useful.

Hall of Fame
Biographies and samples of art from the greatest comic strip artists of all time.

Hardboiled Heaven
An okay site, with lots of links and a very nice hardboiled writer checklist.

Hardboiled Links
15 links from the RARA-AVIS mailing list site.

* Hero Pulps
A good introduction (marred by an unfortunate background image) to Doc Savage, the Spider, Operator #5 (he's my man), G-8 (he's my other man), and the Avenger.

* Hero Pulps (II)
A really good set of resources and information on the pulps.

The History of the British Secret Service
An entertaining history of the British Secret Service, its interaction with fiction about it, and how that fiction has affected how the British people have felt about the Secret Service.

* The Holloway Pages
Clark J. Holloway's excellent collection of pages on Doc Savage, the Shadow, John Carter, Flash Gordon, Tailspin Tommy, G-8, Sheena, and Ka-Zar.

Hot Links
A set of links from Adventure House.

Illustrator Biographies
Biographies and images of some comic art greats.

International Museum of Cartoon Art Hall of Fame
Biographical information and galleries of art of the best comic strip artists ever.

Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture
An academic journal, which may put some of you off, but it has some entertaining articles on characters, writers, and stories which are relevant to this site.

Keep 'Em Flying: Radio Aviators
An essay on radio flyers.

Lady Crimefighters
An essay on female crimefighters, including Phyl Coe and Hilda Adams, on Old Time Radio shows.

* The Law in Popular Culture Collection
A surprisingly thorough and interesting set of information, e-texts, and links on the law in popculture from the University of Texas School of Law.

* The Library
A wonderful set of pulp e-texts.

Dozens of links to juvenile series sites.

Los Pulps
A good site on pulps for a Spanish-speaking audience.

* MacGuffin Guide to Detective Fiction
A good effort at providing an overview on Detective Fiction. The home site to the MacGuffin mailing list.

Magazines Page of Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide
A set of links to characters, indices, and otherwise from, seemingly, every sf magazine ever published. Obviously, that includes pulps. Not as thorough as it could be, and I get the feeling they don't update nearly as often as they should, but still useful.

Short summaries of a large number of science fiction movies.

The Mysterious Home Page
A good guide to mysteries and crime fiction on the 'Net. More or less a giant clearinghouse for links, but there's stuff here I haven't found elsewhere, and so it's useful to me.

Mystery E-texts
E-texts of various mysteries.

The Nautical Fiction List
A long descriptive bibliography of novels, short stories, and other types of fiction on the sea. Has descriptions of some of the novels mentioned on this site.

The Official Home of Zorro
Really, an outstanding page devoted to the enduring archetype.

Pocket Fiction
Pulp fiction in ebook format.

* Prehistoric Fiction
A very thorough list of stories and novels, with cover images and three- to four-sentence plot summaries, that are set in prehistoric times or feature prehistoric characters.

Pulp Adventures
Publisher of Zorro and Spider reprints as well as a few other interesting things.

* The Pulp Avengers
A very informative site on roleplaying for pulp rpgames. You'd be surprised at how much information roleplayers provide on their sites, and this is an outstanding example of one.

The site of one of the best fanzines on the pulps.

Pulp Fiction Central at The Vintage Library
The Vintage Library is a nice little online bookstore, and Pulp Fiction Central is their page for pulp literature. Some nice stuff to be found here.

* Pulp Gallery
An outstanding collection of dime novel cover images.

Pulp Glossary
A thorough glossary of terms about the pulps and their writers.

The Pulp Heroes Index Site
A nice bibliography and index of what characters appeared where.

Pulp Links
A set of links from the DMOZ Open Directory Project.

Pulp Links (2)
A set of links, some of which are already incorporated into various entries on this site.

Pulp Literature
A series of links from Oingo.

Pulp Magazine Heroes
Information on Doc Savage, the Shadow, and the Spider, and a good array of links.

* The Pulp.Net
One of the best all-around sites on the Net for information on the pulps. Their bibliographies are particularly useful.

* The Pulp Page
A nice intro, with a good set of links, to the genre and its magazines.

Pulp Title Index
An index of pulp magazines and when they were published, along with some market data. Of limited use, but invaluable if you need this sort of information.

* The Pulp Zone
A fun and informative look at the pulps, and newly updated!

Science Fiction
An essay on sf on radio, as well as downloadable sound files of various radio shows.

* The Secret Headquarters
An informative and entertaining look at a number of characters, several of whom are on this site. Has bunches of images, too. The only drawback is that too many of their links are dead.

The Serial Squadron
The best site that I've been able to find on serials and for buying them.

* Series Book Central
I was somewhat reluctant to include this site here, because I relied on it so heavily (don't want to reveal what sources I used, after all), but it's just too damn good to omit.

* SF-Lovers - Search Results
Long, long ago, before the Web was around, the only way you could get information on the Internet was via FTP. This link brings you to Rutgers' SF-Lovers archive of information.

The Sleuth Ring Homepage
The home site for the Sleuth e-mail ring, which is devoted to "young detectives."

* Sources for more information.
As with the Series Book Central, I was reluctant to include this site here because I didn't want to reveal the online sources I relied upon to construct this site. But, like that site, it's just too good not to include here.

The Stratemeyer Syndicate.
Perhaps the best of the sites on the Web for information on the Syndicate and its characters.

Thriller UK
The site for an excellent British magazine on the pulps.

* Thrilling Detective Web Site
An excellent guide to private eyes and tough guys; analytical and interesting without being humourless.

To Boldly Go...
A nice site on science fiction on the radio.

Twists, Slugs, and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang
A dictionary of hard-boiledtm terms. A lot of fun, really.

* The Vintage Library
A very good online store for buying e-texts of pulps and other genre novels and stories.

Vintage Radio Logs
Logs and sound files for Old Time Radio shows.

* Violet Books
Jessica Amanda Salmonson's superior antiquarian bookstore. Simply the best of its kind to be found on the Web.

* Virtual Murder
An outstanding array of links and information on what's available online for mystery buffs.

Virtual Worlds of Girls Index
A quite well done "hypertext cluster" of information on girls' school stories.

Weird Tales
An entertaining look at the magazine and its writers.

* Welcome to the Library
A nice set of pulp e-texts, including Doc Savage, the Spider, and the Shadow.

Welcome to Wild Cat Books!
An outfit reprinting public domain pulps and dime novels--and so of course to be encouraged by your patronage.

When Skies Were Young
An interesting essay on "early twentieth century Amerian aviation stories for the young."

Zetman's Comic Page
Information on a wide variety of comic strip and comic book writers and artists.

A. The Abbey Girls to Dusty Ayres
B. Bagley to Scott Burton
C. Orhan Cakiroglu to Dr. Theodore Cunliffe
D-E. Dana Girls to Don Everhard
F. Ralph Fairbanks to Miss Fury
G. The Gadget Man to G-8
H-I. Dr. Hackensaw to Baron Ixell
J. Jack, Doc & Reggie to Justice Syndicate
K. Calvin Kane to Kwa of the Jungle
L. Major John T. Lacy to Langhorne Lyte
M. Professor Maboul to Mr. Mystic
N. Lee Nace to Nyoka
O. Fergus O'Breen to Ozar the Aztec
P.  Penny Packer to Judge Pursuivant
Q.  Oliver Quade to Sebastian Quin
R. Ed Race to Captain Rybnikov
S. The Safety First Club to Tom Swift
T-U. Tahara to Godfrey Usher
V. Lieutenant Valcour to Norton Vyse
W. Inspector Wade to Dr. Xavier Wycherley
X-Z. X Bar X Boys to Zorro

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