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Question: what actively anti-democratic organisation has put Canadians in far more danger than any terrorist anywhere in the world? Answer: The House of Commons. They've already passed Bill C-36, which effectively eliminates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This is not a "war measure," brothers and sisters. It's permanent. That bill has now gone to the Senate. If you care about Canada, DO NOT wait for someone else to do your duty as a Canadian. This link will take you to a page that will allow you to inform every Senator of your opposition to this coup d'état with a single click of your mouse. USE YOUR FREEDOM WHILE YOU STILL HAVE IT!


The news is in, and it isn't good. Bill C-36 ("The Reichstag Act") passed, reducing the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to nothing more than an historical artifact. What a sad comment that the only party in Parliament with the brass to fight this travesty in any numbers was the Bloc Québécois. And what desperate times for our country, when the only choice many Canadians have is between craven annexionists and courageous separatists.

If a CAP candidate runs in your riding, for Canada's sake, VOTE FOR HIM OR HER!

MP contact information available here.

Don't let 'em say they "didn't know," that destroying Canada was "an honest mistake," or that they thought you "wanted" them to do it. (Now stock responses among Canada's NAFTA negociators.) Write your MP. Make certain he or she understands that there is at least one Canadian left in your riding. Short and frequent messages beats long and infrequent ones, and don't forget to include your legal address in each.

Contactez votre député fédéral.

Il nous faut absolument communiquer au Parlement notre détermination de rester canadiens, sinon, nous perdrons notre beau pays sans aucun doute. Tout comme il a signé l'ALENA sans que la majorité des Canadiens soient d'accord, tout comme il a déjà invité des centaines d'agents du FBI à s'installer permanement sur notre territoire, Ottawa nous prépare des surprises encore plus méchantes. Des messages brefs mais fréquents marchent mieux que des longs messages peu nombreux; votre adresse légale devrait faire partie de chaque.


The Canadian Action Party is the only political party in Canada actively promoting Canadian sovereignty and opposing annexation. Their platform is excellent, and their page is required reading for any loyal Canadian. (Aussi disponible en français)

David Orchard

David Orchard Campaign for Canada. David is the original Canadian patriot, and one of the few contemporary political figures who cares about Canada. See his book,400 Years of Resistance, in Gripping Reads.


Lets Talk Canadian Politics. Cynthia Cooke, 2000 CAP candidate for Winnipeg North-St. Paul, sponsors this rich site, which includes valuable commentary on a range of topics directly related to Canada's ability to provide a hopeful future to its children.

Cité Libre

Cité Libre est « la voix québécoise pour le libéralisme et l'unité canadienne. » Depuis cinquante ans, Cité Libre mène le mouvement progressif du Québec, voire de la nation. Pierre Trudeau figure parmi ces anciens rédacteurs. Site is bilingual.


The Defence Of Canadian Liberty Committee is primarily concerned with fighting MAI and other attempts to eliminate what's left of Canadians' right to self-determination. Sign up for their free e mail bulletins.


NAFTA Trade Dependent Home Page. Think moving to the US is just the thing for your family? Think again. Check out Linda Deck's page to find out what kind of welcome awaits you. (See also her essay in Just a Click Away.)


Straight Goods - Canadians informing Canadians. Finally! A news site written by and for Canadians, providing a genuinely Canadian perspective on Canadian issues. Sign up for their free e mail news bulletin.

Next City

Next City presents an ongoing poll where Canadians can vote to keep our media ours. Let 'em know how you feel. (The site's a bit slow to connect.)

I am Canadian!

Canadians Against American Dominance. "Our goal is to keep Canada a strong united and FREE country. To this end we believe it is necessary to dispel the myths put forward by annexationists, separatists, and radicals in the country." An excellent example of the growing trend in frank, unabashed nationalism among ordinary Canadians. What this site lacks in polish it makes up in sincerity.


Canadian Flag Clip Art Gallery. Featuring national and provincial flags, symbols, and insignia. A treasure trove of Canadian web page candy, including many of the images on this page.

Essay test:

"Compare and contrast Canadian and American culture and cite two examples."

The Expansionist Party of the United States is a sincere, if marginal, American political movement. It reflects the feelings and opinions of the majority of Americans, if not their short term priorities. More to the point, the "XP" reflects Americans' view of their country's role in the world, and of Canada's nationhood.

Canadian World Domination is written in the same language and voices similar attitudes. However, unlike the American site, it does not refect the feelings of most Canadians, expressed or unexpressed. CWD is in fact comedy. It appears that the same imagery that causes American chests to swell, provokes laughter in Canada.

Conclusion: American and Canadian culture have little of import in common, apart from superficial and entirely circumstantial similarities in our origins.

Dialogue Canada

Dialogue Canada's Livre ouvert des citoyens pour le Canada/Open Book of Citizens for Canada is a collection of terrific online essays, written in both French and English by ordinary Canadians, detailing the things that make Canada unique and necessary to those who love her. In these frightening times, this site is like Prozac for convinced Canadians. (Site est bilingue.)


UNI is dedicated to promoting unity across Canada, including but not limited to Québec. This site represents the very best of our culture. Every button is a door to thoughtful, authoritative, uplifting commentary on our society. Click on them all! (Aussi disponible en français.)


Le Conseil pour l'unité canadienne. Beaucoup de détails sur les coûts spécifiques d'une éventuelle séparation. Ce site est visé principalement sur le Québec, mais sa philosophie est nationale. (Also available in English.)

Forum Action Québec

Forum Action Québec. This anglophone-sponsored page has apparently not been updated since 1997, but represents a reasonable, sensitive take on the separation issue. Well worth a stop. (Site est bilingue.)


Le Groupe des Cent est une organisation fédéraliste du Québec qui croit « qu'il serait... malheureux que mythes, demi-vérités et autres illusions se substituent à l'analyse rationnelle et objective des faits » en ce qui concerne la séparation. Leur manifeste est une ressource importante pour nous qui croyons à une société bilingue, unifiée, et multiculturelle. (Manifesto also available in English.)


L'Impératif français n'a qu'un but: celui de sauvegarder la langue française au monde, mais surtout au Canada. C'est une source indispensable de commentaires sur d'importantes lacunes qui existent entre les promesses que le Canada a fait à ses citoyens francophones et leur réalité actuelle. Visite obligatoire à tout Canadien qui veut sincèrement bâtir une nation unifiée.


Diefenbaker Web presents everything you always wanted to know about John G. Diefenbaker (aka The Chief, the Old Lion, Dief) but were afraid to be seen asking. The former PM and longsitting MP remains controversial; he was a complex man, and his role in the Arrow treason is unclear. However, he remains the only PM since WWI to deny the Americans anything. For that reason, he remains an icon to responsible Canadians.

In the interest of speeding up download time for those of us with old hardware, from this point on there are no link-specific images.

À fin de rendre le chargement de cette page aussi éfficace que possible pour ceux d'entre nous dont l'ordi est devenu plutôt vétuste, à partir d'icitte aucun lien ne sera muni d'une image

Pierre's Mercenary Bookstore is actually an exhaustive list of interesting, provocative books, many on Canadian nationalist and related themes. I have no idea why it's called "mercenary," or why all the titles are linked to in the US.

Globe and Mail Forums. This link is suddenly dead, with no specific plans to revive it, thanks, according to the Globe and Mail website, to "the crisis in the United States." (How's that again?) If you needed further proof that no-one is minding the store in our mainstream media, there it is. The Globe's full-out, unquestioning support of the US in every detail, up to and including running longwinded pieces announcing that Canadian nationalism is "dead," is an insult to Canada, to say nothing of professional journalism.

Renewing Canada is an interactive site maintained by Dialogue Canada's Victoria Chapter. Thoughtful reading, followed by an Internet poll where visitors can answer important questions on Québec separatism, national language policy, Western alienation, and aboriginal concerns. An invigorating site. (Aussi disponible en français.)

The Parkland Institute. A factual page on the University of Alberta server that refutes the myths about the American health system and free trade. An important resource from the front line of the struggle for Canadian sovereignty.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. An excellent source of authoritative, in-depth articles on the threat that globalisation poses to Canadians.

Friends of Medicare is a grassroots organisation fighting to preserve the integrity of Canada's health system. Once the envy of the world, today it's threatened with extinction. Or Americanisation, which amounts to the same thing.

Seniors' Voice. In spite of its title, this Saskatchewan-based site is of interest to all concerned Canadians, not just those who are retired. Grassroots stuff, not slick CD Howe/Fraser Institute rhetoric.

Canada Sucks. I couldn't resist listing this one. There's not much to it, but the map purporting to prove that we didn't kick serious Yank butt both times they tried to annex us by force is just too funny to miss. In fairness to our neighbours, this is almost certainly a teenager's site. Still, it's cause for reflection: it's tough to imagine a Canadian teenager uploading a similar page.

The Council of Canadians led the original fight to stop Mulroney selling our mother to strangers. Unfortunately, their behaviour in the 2000 election makes it clear that they have now embraced the interests of foreign corporations. Their defection is particularly dangerous, inasmuch their high profile and historical image continue to sucker honest Canadians into wasting their precious energy and money on them. I include the link here for anyone who would like to send a pointed e mail or two their way.

Democracy Watch "works with Canadian citizens and organisations in pushing Canadian governments and businesses to empower Canadians in their roles as voters, citizens, taxpayers, consumers and shareholders." These people are obviously dangerous radicals. If you're one too, don't miss this site. See also DW's inspired 20 Steps towards a Modern, Working Democracy

l'Union Canadienne Démocratique est à la fois traditionelle (par exemple, elle soutient la monarchie), et moderne; une économie gérée au profit des Canadiens comprend le coeur de sa plate-forme. Un point de vue rafraîchissant dans la largeur de sa portée et la profondeur de sa réflexion. (Site is bilingual.)

Radically Canadian isn't really very radical, though it includes links to anarchist sites. This page merely opposes turning Canada into American territory via so-called "trade" agreements. In its own words: "Traditional national values are being sacrificed in the name of the market place and corporate control over every important facet of Canadian life. The result is a captive society often accepting a media-induced 'thesis of inevitability'." Precisely.

L'Aut' Journal est un bijou de revue mensuelle proposant les infos d'un perspectif canadien. Chose rare de nos jours! Avec un plein couvrage qu'on voit peu souvent dans les revues électroniques. À voir surtout les archives, où réside le contenu complet des numéros passés. Connie Fogal is one of Canada's most active defenders. As president of CAP and an informed Canadian citizen, she works tirelessly for the health and security of our nation. Sign up for her e mail list. (She typically sends out 1-2 items per week.)

Larry Zolf's columns. The CBC's Larry Zolf is a classically Canadian voice, one that could never exist in American media, and an excellent example of why we must maintain control of our own cultural institutions. His musings on Canada's headlong dive into colonial status since 11 September 2001 are some of the most lucid you'll find anywhere. (See Gripping Reads for direct links to some of these.)

The Canadian Patriot's discussion boards. This is a new service run by Curtis, the former webmaster of the Canadian Patriot's Webring. Several interesting strings are already started, and there's room for plenty more. Swing by and leave a word about an issue close to your heart.

This space highlights a personal home page (as opposed to an organisation's or public figure's site) that reflects its owner's commitment to a free and sovereign Canada. Past honorees appear below this box.

Miranda's Page is another nationalist page uploaded by an ordinary Canadian. Yet another Albertan fed up with Canada as banana republic. Miranda has cast a determined vote for true, positive change by joining The Canadian Action Party. How about you?

FrancoFile is the story of one anglophone Westerner's journey to bilingualism. "Paula" explains the importance of French language skills to all Canadians, no matter where they live. Time to knock of the pouting and get down to it, folks! Also, lots of good information about Canada's excellent French-language singers and songwriters.

Canada Rocks the World offers links, free graphics, and lots of affirmative, uplifting Cancon. You gotta see this one. (Aussi disponible en français.)

Our Courts are Biased and Corrupt. David Thomson details disturbing gaps in our court system, gaps that are turning Canadian lives into a nightmare. Swing by and throw your support behind an honest, transparent Canadian justice system.

A Canadian Against Free Trade! Feel like the last Canadian on earth? Check out Christy's page.

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