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Larry has just completed his second
Since Larry is basically the "History Department" at African Bible College, he felt it was necessary to have a degree in this area.  It also brings additional credibility to ABC  to have to have a more qualified and professional faculty. 

His dissertation involved a study regarding the history and development of the Presbyterian Church (the "CCAP" is the largest Protestant denomination in Malawi) of Malawi.

If you are interested in reading Larry's dissertation on the development of the CCAP,
click here.

If you are interested in reading Janet's dissertation on the Church with the HIV/AIDS community,
Please click here
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About Malawi...
Malawi is a small, land-locked country in South East Africa, located between Mozambique and Zambia.  It is one of the most heavily populated countries in all of Africa with 10-11 milion people, approximately 20% of which are Muslim.

Because of the devastation of AIDS, the average life span (which was only 46 years in 1997) has dropped to a current lifespan of 36 years.  Half of the population is under 15 years old.
PRAISE THE LORD!!!  It just keeps getting better!
Or most recent concern was in getting Carey through immigration services and into the USA.  We were told that whatever individual we met in Atlanta had the power and authority to determine if we were going to be granted immediate USA citizenship or have to go through the tedious route of green card/alien status.  Many prayers were answered when they granted immediate citicizenship to Carey upon our arrival.
Mulungu Alemekezeke ! (Glory to God in Chichewa)
Drs. Larry and Janet,  and Carey Brown
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can mean in your life.
Trained Leadership
is desperately needed in Africa.

Christianity in Africa has been compared to a river twenty miles wide and only two inches deep.  Although most Africans would call themselves "Christians", most lack the understanding of what that really means to be a Christian because there is no one to teach and disciple them.
Few Africans have access to the resources necessary to obtain a quality education.     Those who are able to study in the USA or developed nations are often drawn to the    possibilities and affluence in these "lands of opportunitites" and never return to Africa to put their urgently needed skills back into their own countries.
African Bible College brings a quality education to Africa for a fraction of the cost of  bringing just one African to America.  Students at ABC earn a bachelor's degree in  Bible, comparable to one that can be received in the United States.  This prepares and  equips them to serve in many areas of Christian leadership in their own country

No One Is Left Unscathed....
One of the major crisis here in Africa, and in Malawi in particular is the scourge of HIV/AIDS.  Dr. Perry Jansen, our ABC Community Clinic doctor says that about 1/3 of the patients he sees are suffering from this horrible disease.  He is faced with telling families that their child is dying, and they should get tested too, knowing what the horrifying result will be that their family has no future, no hope. 
Please pray for the African Church, as they try to be a beacon of hope and love in this sea of despair.

May 28th, 2005
While on "home assignment", Janet was given the bitersweet news that she would soon be going to her real 'home' with the Lord.  For those of you who might be interested in following their progress through this ordeal, please follow the links below for more detailed information.
July 7th, 2005
July 26th, quick update
August 9th, 2005