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Maharashtra is broken up into various regions and  these regions are listed below.

Malshej Ghat
Koyna- Satara
Warna -Amboli

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India is a land of great adventures and natural beauty. There is more to be discovered on this subcontinent than in many other countries put together.

The Sahyadri Review is a comprehensive guide to one of the greatest mountain ranges of India: The Sahyadris. From the magical mountains, to the historic forts of the great Maratha Emperor Shivaji, to exotic and Buddhist/Brahmanical caves to secluded beaches…far, far away from the madding crowd. It’s all here, at The Sahyadri Review…waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

Here then, is everything a college goer, a weekend traveler, an amateur trekker or a family man needs, to escape from the concrete 9-5 jungle.

Maharashtra is the land of Shivaji, one of the greatest warrior-kings of India and the land of Tukaram, one of the poet-saints whose passionate relationship with his Vitthoba lives in his abhangas.


Monsoons  (June to October)
This is a great time for trekking in the Sahyadri. One can expect to see plenty of Rivers, Lakes, Streams and cascading water falls all around you. Due to the abundance of rainfall in the Sahyadri the land becomes lush and green. The shower of rain brings great delight to the trekker and nature lover alike. 
Winter (November to March)
This is an ideal time for long treks in the Sahyadris. It is also a great time for Star gazing.
Summer (April to June)
Trekking is not advisable as the day is too hot for enjoyment but, camping on the banks of a Lake or dam is definitely a great Idea. To see more on Lakes, click on LAKES & DAMS OF MAHARASHTRA 

   Caves in the Sahyadri mountains have good shelter and are great fun to live in.

Virgin beaches
Kashid, Chaul,
Ganpatipule etc..

Wild life getaways
Karnala Bird

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